PJV Quickie: Two words:  Super Steamy.  I’m surprised they don’t have a special cover for all the heat coming out of this book!  Double Time is going to leave you craving cherry suckers.

Title: Double Time (Sinners on Tour #3)
Author: Olivia Cunning
Type: Erotic Romance
Published: November 3, 2012 by Sourcebooks
Source: Publisher
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Trey Mills is the hot rock guitarist from the popular band The Sinners.  His brother, Dare, is a guituar player in his own band, Exodus End.  Exodus End has been running a contest to find a new guitarist to replace a band member who’s wrist is injured, and Reagan Elliot is one of the finalists.  As soon as they hear her play they send the other finalists home.

Trey is going through some emotional changes since the unrequited love of his life, his bandmate Brian, has just become a father.  Brian and his wife Myrna (the main characters in book 1, Backstage Pass) are over the moon, and Trey is deciding it’s time to make some changes in his life, giving up men is first on the list.  He’s visiting his brother Dare’s house when he meets Reagan and it’s instant attraction.

Reagan’s band broke up a few months back and in a night of drunken revelry her friends convinced her to enter the band contest – she never thought she’d win!  When she meets Trey at the band try-outs, she’s in instant lust.  Trey tells her he wants to try dating but Reagan is hesitant, her previous boyfriend Ethan broke her heart when she caught him having sex with a man.  Years later they’re still good friends though, and roommates.  Ethan does bodyguard-type work, and the band wants Reagan to have a bodyguard since she’ll be the only female member of the band, so Ethan readily signs on.


Here’s the deal, y’all – Double Time is HOT!  From up-against-the-wall sex in a hospital closet to tour-bus sex, dungeon sex, and yes, bedroom sex, there is a lot of sexin’ going on in Double Time.  I really liked Reagan and Trey, they are both likeable and fun-loving and were perfect for each other.  I didn’t understand why Ethan didn’t tell Reagan he was bisexual,and was frustrated again when Trey tried keeping his bisexuality from her too.  I thought Ethan was a nice fit for them, and the fact that he and Reagan were already friends worked for me.  There was a small mystery in the story about a stalker who was after Reagan for taking something, and while I was thinking one way, it turns out she was targeted for another reason…

While I was completely on board with all the relationship building (and sex!) between Reagan, Trey, and Ethan, I would have been okay with less sex and more interaction with the band and Reagan working with her guys (the plot actually involves Reagan traveling with The Sinners, not so much with her own band, Exodus End).  There’s also a blip about how Reagan and her father have a difficult relationship but it doesn’t go anywhere.

Lastly, Double Time has been put out as Book 3 in the series, but it’s very obviously Book 5.  We see the results of the HEAs of two of the other bandmates, but don’t know what their stories are yet.  I prefer to revisit the characters AFTER I’ve already met them, not before.  So, this book could very easily be read as a stand-alone, although I highly recommend reading the first book, Backstage Pass (it’s got one of my favorite sexy scenes ever), you won’t be sorry!


Fans of rockstar-themed romance will love Double Time, also fans of m/m and menage relationships.

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