Please help me welcome Kit Rocha, author of Beyond Shame, to Parajunkee’s View!  I read and reviewed Beyond Shame here yesterday, and the writing duo that is Kit Rocha kindly agreed to answer a few  questions:

Q: So, I just finished Beyond Shame and my initial reaction is – when are they starting production on the TV show? I put the mug on my Christmas list… and I want a t-shirt with that logo (I didn’t see one – make it so).

Bree: T-shirts are definitely on the list! I wish I could make a TVshow appear as easily. 😉

Donna: It would be nice if we could call HBO and be like, “No, guys.Really. Your 18-45 female demographic on this would be bigger than you think. Way bigger.”

Q: Dystopian novels and Erotic novels seem to be growing in mainstream popularity. Why do you think that is? And what made you decide to combine the two?

Donna: There are two obvious–and, to me, really facile and oversimplified–answers to that: The Hunger Games and 50 Shades of Grey, respectively. But both have been around for a really long time, so I think the answer is really that they’ve always been there, they’re just much more visible now.

Bree: For us, I think, it’s just an extension of our fascination with creating cultures and exploring sexual dynamics, but both taken to extremes. In the sectors around Eden, we’re going to have the chance to explore many different cultures being formed from the wreckage of what was there before, and that’s so much fun.

Q: To me, Beyond Shame is a story of Trust, Acceptance, Love, and Family, wrapped up in an deliciously super-sexy package. Did I get it right?

Bree: I think there’s no right or wrong in what you take away from a story, but those are definitely some of the themes on my mind while we worked on it. The only other one I’d add to the list is freedom. (Including the freedom to decide how much of your own freedom you’re willing to give up, and to whom.)

Donna: Family is definitely the biggest one for me. You’re not always going to get along with your family, but they’re always there, and that’s what the O’Kanes mean to me. They’re going to have their problems and their troubles, but they stick together.

Q: You write seriously sexy Alpha men and smart, strong women. One of the things I really liked about Beyond Shame is the positive female relationships. Was that one of your goals when you set out to write the book? (I’m not sure if I’m going anywhere with this or if I just want to say thank you, lol)

Donna: You’re welcome! LOL It was absolutely something we set out to do. I think a lot of the bad, catty behavior that people like to attribute to women is bullshit. I mean, it isn’t that it doesn’t happen sometimes, but that it’s so easily traced back to insecurity. Getting catty with a sexual rival? Jealousy over your man? Insecurity. I didn’t want that. Especially in a world like the one we created, women would have to be supportive of one another just to survive.

Bree: Yes, always on purpose. I hate that brotherhood gets to be the focus of so many books, but sisterhood seems to fall by the wayside. I have so many awesome, amazing, ass-kicking lady friends and I’d be lost without them. Giving our heroines other women in their lives–even if they don’t always get along–is one of my number one priorities in almost any book.

Q: I see you have 3 more books planned (Beyond Control, Beyond Pain, and Beyond Jealousy). Beyond Control is Lex/Dallas’ book. Who’s in Beyond Pain and Beyond Jealousy? I loved the secondary characters in this book, so my wish is for Ace/Rachel and Brent/Six to each get stories *looks hopeful* I’m assuming we’ll be able to follow Noelle/Jasper’s future through the other books?

Bree: Rachel, Six, Bren and Ace will all have a chance at stories, but where and who and how are secrets we’re going to keep close. And part of that is because of the answer to your second question–yes, you will be following Noelle & Jasper and the evolution of their relationship through future books. The O’Kanes are far too entwined in each others’ lives–emotionally and sexually–for any romance arc to come to a neat ending just because the book has.

Donna: “Entwined” is a good word to use, I think. Because the endings are not the only parts that aren’t going to be neat and tidy. The beginnings are, too. To that end, I think I’d encourage a little flexibility of expectation. LOL All the books are not going to feature couples, per se, and neither are they necessarily going to be m/f HEAs. They will sometimes be outside what we think of as the norm. 😀

Q: You also write several series under the name Moira Rogers. Why did you feel like you needed to write the O’Kane series under a different pen name? How do you keep all the world-building and plots separate?

Donna: The reason we went with a pen name for the Beyond series is easy–it’s not PNR. Everything we write as Moira Rogers is, in some way or another, very steeped in the paranormal. Not so with Kit Rocha.

Q: Kit Rocha/Moira Rogers is actually Bree and Donna – how does that work? Do you go to each other’s house? e-mail bits of manuscript back and forth? Have you ever been overheard in the grocery line trying to figure out how to kill a character?

Bree: Yes, yes and yes! (We always plot while Donna’s at the grocery store…I’m sure she’s given people some odd ideas of what she does!) For the most part we work from our own homes and communicate via the internet. But that’s mostly because we don’t get much work done when we’re in the same room together. Too often we get distracted or decide to watch movies instead.

Donna: Or shotgun episodes of Ink Master…or end up with crazy new ideas for series. Or just go make soap.

Q: Your Moira Rogers series is published through Samhain but this series is self-pubbed. What are the positives of each?

Donna: One of the things that I love best about Samhain is our editor, Anne Scott. I love love love love her. And one of the things I like best about self-publishing is our freelance editor, Sasha Knight. I love love love love her too. LOL

Bree: With Samhain, someone else does a lot of the admin work. But with self-publishing, I get to have final say over the admin work. Sometimes I can’t decide what’s better…lack of responsibility or total control. Probably depends on my mood. 😉 But there’s something to be said for both!

Q: You’re both very active on Twitter. How important to sales is social media?

Donna: I try not to really think about my Twitter usage as promotion. It kinda sucks the fun right out of it.

Bree: Indeed. If I were to have an opinion on social media, it would be to never use it if your only goal is to get sales. I do think a ton of sales come from social media use, but I suspect they’re mostly from people taking an interest in book discussion between other users, not authors shouting, “Buy my books! Now! Now now now!”

Q: What do you like to read when you’re not writing? What would we find on your “keeper shelves”?

Bree: Speculative fiction and romance of all sorts. Some of my keepers include books by Anne Bishop, Kelley Armstrong, Meljean Brook, Melanie Rawn.

Donna: Keepers? I have some old Kay Hooper books that I would shank a bitch over. Anything Gina Wilkins did for the Temptation line, or her Gina Ferris Special Editions. Ooh, Deborah Smith’s Loveswept stuff. And everything Stephen King has ever written.

Thank you ladies for stopping by!  I have to admit I’m intrigued and excited by some of your answers and am looking forward to devouring the rest of this series!



Kit Rocha is actually two people—Bree & Donna, best friends who are living the dream. They get paid to work in their pajamas, talk on the phone, and write down all the stories they used to make up in their heads.

Beyond Shame is their first dystopian erotic romance. They also write paranormal romance as Moira Rogers. You can find them on the web at the following places:

Website (Kit Rocha)
Website (Moira Rogers)

Twitter (Announcements)
Twitter (Bree)
Twitter (Donna)

Title: Beyond Shame
Author: Kit Rocha
Type: Erotic Dystopian
Published: October 2, 2012 (Self Published)
Source: Received by Author
Rating: 5 Stars

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