I lived for many years in an old New Orleans neighborhood called Algiers Point.  Algiers Point has been around since the 1800s, and many of the homes are 100+ years old. If you ever get the chance to visit New Orleans, I would recommend taking a trip on the Canal Street ferry over to Algiers Point – it’s a beautiful neighborhood and a hidden gem for architectural buffs. Most of the homes are “shotgun style”  and these homes are rumored to be attractive to spirits because they are easy to pass through. Many homeowners today still follow the tradition of painting the porch ceiling blue to confuse the spirits and prevent them from entering the home.


So, with that brief history, I have two stories to share about places I’ve lived in Algiers Point:

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When my son was about 3 years old, we lived on one side of a small shotgun double, about a block away from the Mississippi River. When you walked onto our front porch (which, incidentally did NOT have the blue porch ceiling), you walked into our living room, through French doors into our master bedroom, then through the kitchen, to the bathroom, and lastly, our son’s room. We lived in that house for one year. Honestly? One year was one year too long.

The whole time we lived there, our son would not go into the kitchen alone. He was afraid of the “man in the kitchen”. Now, I often got a weird feeling when I was in the kitchen, but obviously I had to get over it if we wanted to eat, lol. My son, though – nope. He hated being in that kitchen and would do just about anything to avoid it.

That house is also the only house we ever lived in that he had imaginary friends (Karen and Fence). I specifically recall one incident when we were leaving the house and he asked us to wait a minute, ran back into the master bedroom, peeks under the computer desk and says “Bye!!!”. When I asked him who he was saying goodbye to, he told me he didn’t know their name. Creepy, right? Out of all the apartments we lived in, that was my least favorite.


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My next story takes place about a year after we left Creepy Shotgun Double. We bought our first home, an adorable Creole Cottage in the heart of Algiers Point. This house was also 100+ years old. Shortly after we moved in, I asked my dad (a Catholic Deacon) and our Parish Priest to come over and bless the house. They came over, we had dinner, and then they blessed the house. After the blessing, as we exited the house, we noticed that our stone statue of the Virgin Mary had tipped over onto her face. This is unusual because that statue is HEAVY. I can also tell you that to this day it has never tipped over again, not even for Hurricane Katrina or, more recently, Hurricane Isaac. We decided that with the blessing, the evil spirits exited the house so fast they knocked the statue over!!

One thing about New Orleans is that it’s full of haunted places and ghost stories. Thank you for letting me share my spooky stories – I still get the heebie-jeebies when I think back on them!!