Young Adult Paranormal Review: The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

PJV Quickie: Julie Kagawa has done it again with the story of Meghan’s little brother and his introduction into the world of the fey. This fabulous author can do no wrong in my estimation.

[frame align=”left”] The Lost Prince Giveaway[/frame] Title: The Lost Prince
Author: Julie Kagawa
Series: The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten #1
Publication: October 23rd 2012 by Harlequin Teen
Source: ARC review copy provided by publicist.

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Julie Kagawa has done it again with the story of Meghan’s little brother and his introduction into the world of the fey. This fabulous author can do no wrong in my estimation.

I wasn’t expecting this, I know Kagawa is one of my favorite authors, but I expected Ethan’s book to not be up to par with Meghan and Ash’s story. But, who was I fooling? Ethan’s story was different, in the basic feel of the story, but it was still great in my estimation. The mystery and adventure was there, like there is in all of Kagawa’s other books along with the underlying angsty romance that is her usual fair…but with the main character a male and an angry male is a littler different and made the story unique and a treat to read. I devoured this in one sitting. There is no better feeling.

Little Ethan, the boy that initially forced Meghan Chase into the land of Faery to rescue him, is all grown up now. He is a disturbed teen boy that is able to see the fey and thus pursued around every corner. He can’t let on that he can see them or they’ll attack. He’s gone through school after school, always ending in disaster. His teachers think he is a menace, his mother is at the end of her rope and his sister has ignored him since she become The Queen. Ethan’s world is made up of fear, hatred and disgust of the Feary and the Iron Realm which his sister now rules.

A new school brings new opportunities, but almost immediately Ethan spots a half puka and for some reason steps in when bullies try to kick him around. It goes against everything that Ethan has tried to follow, but his new “friend” almost immediately tries to pull him into the world of the fey outcasts and halflings. They need help, something is making them disappear and when it is revealed Ethan is The Iron Queen’s brother, they know he is the only one that can get the attention of the slow moving Fey monarchy. Ethan reluctantly agrees to help, but only after his new friend goes missing and the dark creatures that seem to be hunting the fey set their eyes on Ethan and a particularly attractive girl that actually sees past Ethan’s bad-boy walls.

THE LOST PRINCE was a roller-coaster of iron fey fun. It was back in the world, with a few old characters and a lot of new ones. I wouldn’t say the romance was on par with Meghan and Ash’s love triangle with Puck, but it was sweet and slightly tragic and I really enjoyed it. There was also a cameo with Meghan and Ash, along with Puck in it – but it wasn’t satisfying — they were rather grumpy. The mystery behind the story was also pretty creepy and it expanded upon a few plot strings that were left hanging in the Iron Fey series. But, I wouldn’t say you needed to read the other series to enjoy this one, I would just recommend it, because it makes you love the world.  The interplay between the characters, the unique world, the angsty characters and Julie Kagawa’s unique voice all made this one of my favorite reads and favorite series. If you like the fey, you’ll enjoy the Iron Fey.


This can be a stand-alone, but it is recommended that you read The Iron Fey series with Meghan, Ash and Puck. Fans of paranormal young adult should enjoy, especially if you like the fae. Topics discussed are teen friendly and I recommend for about 13+.

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5 Stars

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