PJV Quickie:  While I wasn’t in love with the main characters, Run the Risk has lots of action, some hot smexin’ and great secondary characters that have me interested in seeing where this series goes.

Title: Run the Risk (Love Undercover #1)
Author: Lori Foster
Type: Romantic Suspense
Published: September 25, 2012 by Harlequin HQN
Source: Received by Publisher
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Pepper Yates is a woman in hiding; her brother Rowdy was witness to a murder and the bad guys will stop at nothing to silence him.  Pepper and Rowdy have been on their own for so long, all they have is each other.  She knows she must stay hidden to keep them both safe, but she misses having a regular life and all that goes with it, especially basic human contact.

Logan Riske’s best friend was murdered and he is determined to find the only witness to the crime.  He can’t trust anyone, as crooked cops are working against him; he doesn’t even know if he can trust his own partner. When the story opens, he’s tracked Rowdy’s mousy sister Pepper, and has gone undercover to try use her to find Rowdy.  What he doesn’t expect is to develop feelings for Pepper, and his quest for justice battles his urge to keep her safe…


Having heard great things about Lori Foster’s books, I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to read and review her latest release, Run the Risk.  I have mixed feelings about Run the Risk:  While I did enjoy it, I wasn’t blown away.  Pepper and Logan just didn’t hit it for me.  Pepper has been living in hiding for two years, and suddenly falls into a sort-of relationship with the hunky ‘construction worker’ next door?  Then he betrays her and she uses sex as retaliation? To me, a lot of her actions were just strange and even for someone in hiding seemed inconsistent and at times, pointless.  Logan’s ‘take one for the team’ attitude was less confusing: he might have questioned her strange requirements for having sex, but hey, he’s a guy – he went for it anyway!  Ultimately, I thought their relationship moved forward too quickly, and was too intense for the time frame involved.

Run the Risk felt like two distinct halves:  The first half of the book was the set up to Logan finding Rowdy.  The second half was keeping Pepper safe after they’re outed.  Once Logan finds Rowdy the story changes, the action picks up, and the secondary characters shine.    Logan’s partner Reese and Pepper’s brother Rowdy both seem to have interesting stories and kept me coming back to see what was going to happen.  Ms. Foster gives a nice set-up for their future love interests; I think these ladies are going to make them work for their HEAs, lol.  I’m also intrigued by Logan’s brother Dash; I’m not sure if he’s going to get a story but I hope so; I liked him.

So, as I mentioned above, this was my first read by Lori Foster, and while I was a bit disappointed with the main story, I am very intrigued by the secondary characters and am looking forward to reading Reese’s book, Bare It All.


Fans of Romantic Suspense will enjoy the twists and turns, trying to decide who to trust and rooting for the good guys.

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