Blogging TipDesign Tip: Keep it Simple

Don’t Bounce* ’em. If your design, title and subtitle do not convey what your blog is about within a few seconds of viewing most readers BOUNCE* away. Cluttered content with misrepresented information will only lead to high Bounce Rates and low comment counts.

Your header can state your name and what your main purpose is very clearly. Simply naming yourself GURU and putting a book in the header design can do the trick. Or utilize a motion banner like I do that advertises your “hot” posts. Anything just say, This Is Me. This What I Do.

*Wiki: Bounce rate (sometimes confused with exit rate)[1] is an Internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and “bounce” (leave the site) rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site. {Read More}