Blogging TipSidebars Are Very Important

Keep that baby clean! Your blog sidebars should not look like someone just vomited a lot of information and placed it all in a 300px by 8000px spot. Readers do not need to know about every fan girl team you are holding dear to your heart, along with your reading piles, challenges, pledges, groups, hot sexy of the day, bog roll, grab my 500 pictures, along with sponsors etc. This area is meant to show off your social links, posts you want to showcase, advertising and other pertinent information that is portrayed in a clean and efficient manner for easy user navigation. If there is too much on there, users will avoid looking atΒ  it and you have done yourself a disservice, because they could have gleaned a lot of REAL info from that area.

Hierarchy is Key

What actions and information do you want your readers to learn/read first? Make a list and prioritize your sidebars from that list.


  1. Follow via RSS
  2. Be able to search my archives for information
  3. View my advertisers
  4. Follow via a Reader of my choice
  5. Highlight these posts
    1. Giveaway 1
    2. Giveaway 2
    3. Blogging How Two etc
  6. Networking