PJV Quickie: Within the first words of this book, I was creeped out and felt like I had taken some kind of hallucinagentic. And the feeling never ended. This book was odd, out of sorts and just too abstract to connect with. Tonya Hurley is a well-versed author that can tell a story, but maybe I just don’t get her very dark mind. Which is not the usual fare for me.

[frame align=”left”] The Blessed, YA Paranormal[/frame] Title: The Blessed
Author: Tonya Hurley
Series: The Blessed #1
Publication: September 25th 2012 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Source: Amazon Vine

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The beginning of the books starts with a Lament by the character of Lucy. It felt like I had picked up some Emo girl’s diary…and I should probably call a suicide hotline and report her.

I am alone. Cornered. next to nothing and the dogs are at my door. The assembly of the wicked surrounds me. I am mocked and shunned. Abandoned. Lies and pain, my sole companions.”

Then after the lament it starts into a very blurry picture of three teen girls in a hospital. One committed suicide, one drowned in a puddle (yes!) and the other overdosed. All of the characters are quite out it and from their POV, so the narrative conveys their frame-of-mind, quite brilliant that the author can capture this, but not exactly my cup-of-tea. The whole book followed this dreamy strange narrative, with the characters in and out of functioning like normal people. Then the depiction as adults but technically children didn’t work for me, along with the fact that I never connected with the characters had me  putting this book down over and over again.

I can just never get into these strangely phrased novels, where the author is trying to create a work of art instead of telling a story. In some instances it works, much like Maggie Stiefvater’s more lyrical books, but in other it just fails miserably and for me THE BLESSED failed miserably.

Then as far as personal views, I had heard this was a religious book and it actually drew me to it. I was raised Catholic, most of my schooling was done in Catholic school so I’m pretty versed on Saints. (Not the football team – even though I’m well versed on them too — #FreePayton) And I’m also aware that most saints were completely reprehensible before they found redemption. Or at least a few of them. But, the whole teens stealing cars, driving drunk…just left me feeling dirty and not liking these girls very much. This book just wasn’t for me. But, other readers might enjoy Hurley’s odd perspective, especially if you’ve enjoyed her other titles as well.


Because of the violence and bad behavior I recommend this to more mature teens.

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