So who is excited about the release of ICED, Dani’s story from Karen Marie Moning? I will be attending the release party festivities in just like 14 days – I’m not counting down or anything.

Karen Marie Moning has just posted a EXCERPT from ICED and has asked bloggers to share it. Why not right? I’m a huge fan girl.

And questions for fans:

It looks like Dani will be 14 year old in the story – but KMM has stated explicitly that this will not be your typical YA book. What does this mean? Who knows, will Dani be 14 in age, but act like an adult. That still might creep me out though…LOL. What are your thoughts on this? Think she should have aged Dani? Or maybe went the route of Kenyon and made a YA spinoff like the Nick Chronicles?

Then…do we need to have Mac & Barrons in the book to make it good?

Were you a fan of Dani in the fever series?

Iced: A Dani O’Malley Novel (Fever Series) by Karen Marie Moning