Blogging TipHosting a Successful Giveaway

Tip #1Make the Giveaway Worthwhile.
This sounds quite obvious, but there are so many giveaways for things that people do not want. Do you really believe that a reader is going to follow you ten different ways to win a $5 Amazon gift card? No they will not. Make it an attractive amount and you will attract more attention.

Tip #2Use Helpful Tools
When your contest has a large amount of entries you will be thanking the Giveaway gods that you used apps like Rafflecopter. It is easy to use and Free. The majority of users polled on my site said the preferred using Rafflecopter.

Tip #3Have clear stated guidelines.

Every giveaway needs rules, even if it is to just state shipping restrictions. A lot of bloggers will have requirements to enter the giveaways and my advice would be to look up FTC regulations in this regard, because sometimes what you require of your entries might be “against the rules” and all it takes is one person to report you. For example, it is against Facebook TOS to host a giveaway and require a LIKE.