The Walking Dead, Zombie Apocalypse

The Walking Dead on AMC is THE show for me. I can’t miss an episode and can rewatch them over and over again. So, inspired by the show, I decided to post a zombie survival plan. Season Three premieres on the 14th– are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

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Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

The first question you have to ask yourself is whether you will BUG IN or BUG OUT and find a better place to hole up. Bugging is the act of staying put, Bugging Out the act of falling back to a more defensible position. The key to bugging in is having a secure location. With a zombie apocalypse, this is the BIGGEST equation in the whole survival thing. Once you have it set where your position will be let all your loved ones know where you plan to Bug In. this eliminates the need to run around like an ass and try to locate your loved ones. If they don’t make it to our position they are probably dead. You’ll  die if you go out looking for them.

Zombie Apocalypse

These comics are great — check them out {source}

Things to also keep in mind, if there is some emergency broadcast that says “Go Here” for safety. It just means that more likely you’ll get stuck in traffic with a bunch of zombies surrounding a large group of people that are easy pickings from brain munching. Don’t trust the “safe zones” the only person you can trust now is yourself.  So, how do you make sure you have your own Safe position…first you have to establish a:

Defensible Position.

Zombies are not smart; they are just a walking corpse, intent on one thing – eating your flesh. Usually a wall will keep them out. But, in huge masses of zombies, their bodies can be literally used as stairs, or sheer numbers can force their way through walls that are not reinforced. So, your defensible position has to be well thought out and planned. You should have a stock-pile of goods, easy reinforced entrances and exits and an escape plan in case you are overrun.


    • Water & Food. High calorie and low spoil foods, like nutrition bars, canned food, powered milk, nuts, dried fruit. Things like that. Water, water and more water. Stockpile and prep when TSHTF. Fill bath-tubs, pitchers and containers with tap water. Freeze Styrofoam cups and Ziploc bags of water.
    • First Aid, all your prescription needs, along with over-the-counter pain relievers, stomach medicines, band-aids, gauze, latex gloves, anti-bacterial ointments and sprays.
Zombie Apocalpse, Weapons

Crossbows, Machetes and quiet weapons are key. Image from The Walking Dead Season Three.

  • Weapons. Quiet is Key. In Zombie Fiction the rotters always come running when they hear a loud noise. Keep it down by using weapons like crossbows, bows and blunt objects with skull-crushing in mind. Yet, with things like crowbars, baseball bats and things of that nature, you need to get within arms distance and I wouldn’t recommend that when dealing with more than one corpsicle. Guns should be a last ditch effort, but should be kept on hand. Large caliber for maximum exit wound potential, such as .357, .40 & even maybe a happy snappy Desert Eagle which could potentially blow a hole in three zombies if they were lined up trying to eat you. Pitched up a crows nest? Grab a high-powered rifle and pick ‘em off. You can even make a game of it.
  • Quick Reference Guides. Your computer is not working, there is no more Wikipedia. Time to stock up on books. Books about water purification, gardening, hunting, edible plants in your region, maps, atlases, weapons usage and medical references if injuries occur.

Best Zombie Defense Spots:

Between zombie freaks, a talked about subject is always “where do you go?” A place that can sustain you from the hoard and you can group together and survive. My husband wants to take to the water. A dependable large boat that you can live within. Finally making your way to an oilrig in the Gulf. This is a reasonable position for us, being located in New Orleans with ready access to the Mississippi River, docks and marinas. We could bring back the old Sea Forts.

An underground bunker. Time to storm the Cheyenne Mountain operations center and take it over? Or at least beg for the assistance of the military holed up within? Bunkers that are designed for military operations will be stocked with food, water and weapons. Books like, DAY BY DAY ARMAGEDDON utilize military bases and it works quite well, unless of course, the hoard comes and makes it impossible to leave.

The Walking Dead

Season Three of the Walking Dead image, Episode 1 – Walls are great way of keeping out zombies!

A walled structure. My choice is a BIG freaking wall. Have a castle handy? Maybe a government structure with a defensible wall? These might be ideal spots to fall back upon. Near my house is a civil structure, which is completely walled with cement walls, equipped with catwalks. There is also access to the river from this structure. I  believe this might be the perfect structure to fall-back upon. The only drawback is that it is in the middle of the city, so a hoard is very possible. Structures like prisons have also been implemented in zombie fiction as great defensible positions, but the problem with a prison is that they have a shit-ton of prisoners…how do you get dead prisoners out first? Season Three of The Walking Dead might cover this.

Good luck! And you should be scoping out your ideal location on a daily basis. You should have stockpiles of food and supplies, along with appropriate zombie clothing, like leathers that can’t easily be chewed through. Know how to shoot a weapon and defend yourself and keep your family informed on what you plan on doing if ANYTHING happens. It doesn’t have to be zombies, it could be the North Koreans.
Get A Kit,    Make A Plan, Be Prepared.