PJV Quickie: Entice was a nice mix of action and YA romance.  Interesting characters and a stronger plotline make this a fabulous follow-up to the first book in the series.

Title: Entice (The Violet Eden Chapters #2)
Author: Jessica Shirvington
Type: YA Paranormal
Published: September 4, 2012 by Sourcebooks Fire
Source: Publisher
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In Embrace, book 1 in this series, we learn that Violet Eden is a 17-year-old girl who’s mother is dead and her father is distant, both emotionally and physically.  She spends most of her time with her best friend Steph, and Linc, who is a little harder to define: Violet has crushed on Linc for years, and only recently has she learned that her feelings *might* have been returned.  At least, until she was charmed by an Angel and in the process pushed Linc away.  Linc is also her Grigori partner – Violet and Linc are a special race of extra-special-humans whose mission is to track exiled angels and return them.

Entice picks up shortly after the events in Embrace, and straight from the beginning the action starts and doesn’t let up until the end of the book.  A group of new Gregori and their teachers have come to visit and help with their quest to find some important ancient documents.  Violet and her friends are not the only ones looking for these papers though, and they’re still battling exiles while they’re searching.  New friendships are formed, old friendships are shaken, and nothing is given away freely.


When I read Embrace (book 1 in this series, I was a bit put off by the amount of world building and weak-ish plot but hoped that all that would be resolved in Entice.  I am happy to report that this was definitely the case – I really enjoyed Entice!!

As I had hoped, Violet’s character is growing in Entice – she’s more confident and less selfish. She puts the needs of others before her own.  She asks questions and accepts help when she needs it.  She still cries a lot, but she’s 17 and still new at being Grigori – that’s easy to forget when she’s wielding her unusual Grigori powers and fighting bad guys.  And fight bad guys she does – the pacing of Entice was pretty quick.  With lots of action going on simultaneously the story didn’t feel drawn out; I read most of it through in one sitting.

I love the new characters Ms. Shirvington has introduced to us in Entice:  Stuart, the stoic and loyal friend who doesn’t want to miss out on any action; Zoe, who comes off as kind of an airhead but I think we’ll be seeing another side of her in later books, and Salvatore, the Italian student who sees the truth.  I’m looking forward to reading about these three in future books and wondering where “regular” human Steph’s place will be with the group.

I’ve said in other reviews I’m a sucker for a good love triangle, so of course I have to mention Linc and Phoenix.  Okay, so maybe it’s not a love triangle, per se, but Phoenix is still the dark, brooding bad boy, and, while I understand his main objective, we’re left unclear as to his feelings for Violet: Does he want her dead?  Does he regret his previous actions? I’m not writing him off yet… And Linc – he really charmed me.  While his feelings for Violet are very clear, the consequences for acting on them are more serious than either Violet or Linc understand…

I am absolutely charmed by Entice; with full, rich characters, lots of action, and an interesting story, I’m so glad I decided to read this series!  (I do recommend reading Embrace first as the world-building and character backgrounds would be better understood by doing so)



Fans of Angel stories who like action, some slightly angsty YA romance, and an interesting plot based loosely on Old (and some New) Testament history. <–Sounds weird, I know, but it works!

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