PJV Quickie: A short paranormal romp. Great for entertainment and nothing else?

Title: Love Can Be Dangerous to You Health

Genre: Paranormal/ Adult/ Romance

Author: Liz Strange

Source: Author provided ebook

Published: March, 2010 Passion Print

Rating:5 Stars GoodReadsPurchaseAuthor



Blurb: Sometimes love can suck the life out of you…literally.
Jake can’t believe the beautiful woman he takes home is in his bed. He finds it even harder to believe when she’s implicated in several strange murders. And it stretches the boundaries of his mind when she not only claims she wants a relationship with him…but also reveals a secret about herself.
Now Jake needs to balance being a homicide detective with what his heart wants. But can he really give this beautiful woman everything she asks for?

Warning this is an adult book and contains adult material. Not for anyone under 18. 😀

Like most book reviewers I read. A lot. Whether or not I like to admit it, I am a genre reader. I spend days at a time pouring through paranormal and horror books. So every once in a while I pick up a short (less than 100 pages) book to read to sort of clean my reading palate. This is not a book that I would do that with. It is a paranormal romance/erotica but the romance was not there. At all. Yeah they end up being a couple at the end but like, big deal.

This is actually my first book about a succubus. I was excited to read about something new. I know the general myth behind succubi and this little story stuck right to that line. I really like it when an author takes a know mythos and twists it. There were, literally, no surprises in store and I gained nothing out of this book other than losing 20 mins. of my life. Am I mad about that? Not really. I finished it, which meant somewhere along the reading I enjoyed something (or it just killed my boredom).  I, just for the life of me, can’t figure out what it was. Hmm…Anyone know? Seriously. It’s a real brain teaser here.

What really disappointed me was that I went into this expecting some sort of erotica (come on, who doesn’t read a little smut to break their reading patterns now and then?) and I didn’t get it. While there is sexual situations in this book it was more romance type sex than erotic sex.  I know what  you may be thinking…what did I expect from 40 pages? Well, a whole lot more than what I got. This story falls into what I would categorize as” monster porn lite”. Which means it features a human and something paranormal. But not in a YA sense, if ya catch my drift. I wasn’t actually grossed out! Not even a little bit. I think I was saddened a bit by this as well. Don’t judge, those books are good for giggle. Or a lolgasm. And  sometimes we all need to have one of those.  😆

It was just a flat read all around.

Over all this book is recommended for people who have time to kill, who like light monster porn, and light erotica. It is not recommended for anyone named Lori Parker. Oh, and, I realize this book has a publisher, so it’s not really an indie. But it is from an independent press. So therefore, I am still calling it an indie.

Do you have a genre or type of book that you read when you are getting burnt out on the same ole same ole books? 

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