Who Wants to be a Vigilante Superhero?

CW's New Show Arrow

Arrow’s Stephen Amell — Forget becoming a vigilante — can I just keep one in my house??

Arrow, the tale of the Green Arrow, will be premiering next week and to commemorate another hawt show, let’s go over the things you’ll need to become a vigilante superhero.

Step By Step Guide to becoming a Vigilante Superhero.

Step 1: Get in shape. Here is a mental picture. Cop just down a half dozen Krispy Kremes. The store he is in gets robbed and the suspect takes off running. You think the cop will be able to chase him down? You don’t want to be that Krispy Kreme eating superhero. Get your green tights wearing butt in shape.

Step 2: Brand Yourself. What kind do you want to be? Do you want to be like a mysterious vigilante? Or a beacon of good in a time of evil? Name yourself and make a costume that befits your awesome name. It should reflect your persona. If you call yourself The Shadow of Justice, you don’t want to wear yellow.

Step 3: You might want to learn how to fight, or use a weapon. Maybe your persona uses a certain type of weapon, like a Bow & Arrows, it could be time to figure out how to do it and do it well.

Step 4: Set up a show. Pick a location and become VERY familiar with it. Want to patrol the Mean Streets of your city, that means you better know where all the dark alleys are.

Step 5: Keep you civilian self hidden, you don’t want it getting out in the news that Joe Smith is the Hot Shadow of Justice. That would mean people will be showing up at your door, both good and bad.

Step 6: Get a side kick or cool computer geek buddy that can do the research for you and help you out in a bind.

Step 7: Get a life insurance policy, you don’t want to leave your family and friends with nothing.

Good luck! And punch a bad guy for me!

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