PJV Quickie: I’d like to thank Ms. Reisz for putting my Catholic guilt into full effect – I feel guilty for loving this series as much as I do.  With excellent writing and intense subject matter, The Angel is not for the delicate reader!!

Title: The Angel (The Original Sinners #2)
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Type: Erotic Romance
Published: September 25, 2012 by Harlequin MIRA
Source: Publisher
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The Angel picks up about a year after The Siren: Wes has gone back to Kentucky, Zach has gone back to his wife, and Nora has gone back to Soren.  Soren is up for a major promotion, and when a reporter gets an anonymous tip about a “conflict of interest” and starts digging, Soren becomes concerned and sends Nora away until the trouble passes.  He sends her to their friend Griffin’s place in the country, and he also sends young Michael to start his training as a submissive.



The Angel is so different from the Siren, yet still an exceptional read.  Ms. Reisz’s writing is flawless and the story is mesmerizing; you’ll be immediately pulled into the story and your surroundings will be forgotten. (So, maybe not a good book to read while you’re cooking, lol)

There were so many things I loved about The Angel.  Let me start with:  GRIFFIN!!!  I liked Griffin in the glimpses we got of him in The Siren, and I totally fell in love with him in The Angel.  He’s funny, caring, and so much more than a rich, kinky, pretty face.   He’s irreverent but compassionate, and definitely my favorite character.  I’d also like to take this moment to thank Ms. Reisz for the mental image of Griffin coming down the stairs shirtless in a kilt.  Nice. (After finishing The Angel, I went to the author’s website and read her short story – Griffin in Wonderland – don’t miss it)

I also loved Michael’s character.  I did have reservations about his age, although the author does state he’s at the age of consent, to me he’s still too young.  In my head he was a bit older and that made it work for me.  Michael’s story was touching and I really pulled for his character throughout the entire story: a young man who’s not sexually mainstream, dealing with a father who won’t accept that his child might be different, and being lucky enough to be able to surround himself with people who understand.

Nora is still one of the main characters but I don’t really feel she was the focus of The Angel; it was as if everything revolved around and through her but she was removed from it in some way.  Her distance from and worry for Soren, her refusal to think about Wesley and where they left things in The Siren, and her concern for Michael were more the focus here.  We begin to understand the strength of Nora and Soren’s relationship and how truly difficult it was for her to walk away from him in the past

I didn’t like Soren in The Siren and I still cannot get on board with his character.  He is the ultimate anti-hero, and I think if he had chosen any other profession I’d be mooning over him; his devotion to those he loves is undeniable.  Despite my feelings about Soren, he is an impressive character and in The Angel we get a lot of his back-story, which was painful to read.  Most of the back-story comes via the investigations by the reporter into his history.  And while the reporter angle was an interesting way to facilitate the events of the book, I felt like her actions were inconsistent and found myself a bit frustrated with her character.

And the end – the end made me clap my hands and jump around the room.  I am already counting the days until book 3, The Prince, is out.

The Angel is complex, sexy, uncomfortable, dark and hopeful; it will make you sigh and make you cringe (sometimes at the same time).  Tiffany Reisz is now officially an “auto-buy” author for me; this series has gone straight to my ‘keeper shelf’.


For fans of dark erotica or stories that push boundaries; if you’re looking for something that takes you out of yourself and into the story, look no further than The Angel.

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