Hotel TransylvaniaAnimated Movie, Hotel Transylvania, Not Just For Kids.

Title: Hotel Transylvania
Cast: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, David Spade…
Rating: 5 Stars

Both my daughter and I were still laughing as we left the movies. Hotel Transylvania, starring Selena Gomez and Adam Sandler was a hit. In fact, I think I might have enjoyed it more then the kids in the theater. It was laugh-out-loud funny during most of the movie and frankly 50% of the jokes were geared towards adults, yet those jokes didn’t toe the line of inappropriate. My kid will not be saying “Holy Crab” for weeks afterwards. They also didn’t succumb to that huge of an amount of “toilet” humor to keep the kids entertained. There of course were the ubiquitous fart jokes, but it wasn’t as in your face as some of the other comedic animated movies.

Jokes aside, the animation and the character movement was spot-on. I wasn’t as wowed as I would be with a Pixar film, but it was done well. I wouldn’t recommend dishing out the extra money for 3D though, there weren’t enough special effects to warrant the added charges.  Yet, most of the films I see in 3D aren’t worth the extra money.

The scare factor. I was hesitant to bring the five-year-old to this movie, you never know how smaller ones will react to “monsters” and things of a more darker nature. That scene from Monsters Inc. in the beginning used to stop her from watching the movie until her cousin sat down with her and they were brave together, now they love it. Yet, there was nothing really of a scary nature in the film. Yes, they were monsters and they made references to monster stuff, and worm cakes, those sort of thing, but there weren’t any “scares” in the show, Dracula went red faced a few times — but that was it. Nothing like what you would find in say, a Tim Burton film. It was all in good fun, and everything was comedic, “I’m Dracula, blah blah.” And with Adam Sandler as Dracula, you couldn’t get any better. He did a great accent. This is one of those movies that I probably wouldn’t mind having to watch it over and over again with the kidlet.

This is basically Despicable Me with vampires and other monsters.

Hotel Transylvania

Selena Gomez as Mavis and Adam Sandler as Dracula

I also have to mention, that like Despicable Me, they ended it with a concert — and they should have peppered the movie with songs. It would have been great, because the ending song was jump up and dance fun (yes, the kidlet jumped up and was shaking her tooshie all over the place – we even stayed for the credits to hear the song).

If you enjoyed Rio and Despicable Me this was just another incarnation for that type of comedy, music and modern styling.

Check out the Becky G & Wil.I.Am song that ends the movie.