PJV Quickie: Another surprise read of the year, ‘After Dark‘ had me instantly enthralled and unable to put down. With a kick-butt heroine and a very creative story-line, I was in insta-love with Emi Gayle and her perfectly constructed main character Mac.

[frame align=”left”]After Dark[/frame] Title: After Dark
Author: Emi Gayle
Series: The 19th Year
Publication: October 31, 2012 by J. Taylor Publishing
Source: ARC provided by publisher
Rating: 5 Stars Purchase Goodreads Author Web


Mac, the darling of this story is a Changling. This means she can transform herself into different supernatural creatures at will. She fluctuates depending on her mood and need. By her 19th year though, Mac will have to choose what creature she must become and then take the reigns as the leader of that particular sect. The whole idea is just tantalizing in it’s originality. Not to mention Gayle feeds you bits and pieces slowly, which unlike some paranormal plot-lines that leave you confused, just adds to the mystery of the plot.

The main character was a gem of a creation. She was head-strong, tough and stubborn, all winning traits for me personally in a paranormal themed novel. On top of her spirit, she also made a great transition in the novel, leading her from respectable to lovable. At first glance she seems like a very high-brow type of supernatural creature, who looks down upon the humans she must associate with, but as she is slowly drawn more into the human world she realizes how much she does want to live within it a bit more, even while she is getting pressure from others to stay out, make decisions and other pressures. I thought it was a wonderfully constructed book and the cast of characters were just over-the-top fun to read about.

Yet, overall the originality of ‘After Dark’ was the lure for me. While stuffed full of vampires, faeries and other supernatural creatures, it paints them in a new and creative light, bringing forth the paranormal themes we all know and love, but stuffing them within a world that was different then anything I’ve read before in a YA novel.  I call this the surprise read of the year, mainly because the cover and description of this book really look and read like EVERY other YA paranormal novel out there, yet the book is anything but.

A MUST read for young adult paranormal and young adult urban fantasy fans.


Fans of young adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy reads should really like. If you enjoy the grittier in the genre, such as Cynthia Hand’s creations, or Richelle Mead, you should really enjoy. The novel was safe for teen reads and I recommend this for 13+. Adults will also enjoy, the character is mature and while there are some touchy subjects, nothing is graphic.

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