Book Blogging 101 – Chapter 5

The Art of Writing a Perfect Blog Post

When writing a blog post you should always have certain key aspects. These key aspects will help you generate higher SEO rankings and clicks, whether from Reader or social networking. What you have to understand when writing these posts is the key target of your blog post should be keeping people on your blog. This means clicking related links, or engaging with you in a forum or comment section.

Quality & Targeted Content

An engaged audience is one that will return. This is achieved by quality and targeted content. Content that is relevant to your reader that will benefit them in some way. As a book blogger that also generates blogging tips and tricks I make sure that my content always sticks to the topic at hand and I’ll always know when I stray – because it will show in my reader engagement and pageviews.

Suggestions on Creating Great Content:

  • Don’t Go Overboard, keep it simple and to the point.
  • Show off your unique style and voice
  • If you are bored, your readers will be also
  • Do your research, if you are not knowledgable about the subject, become knowledgeable.

Eye-Catching Headers

Make sure your headers reflect your content. Remember that your Header is what will most likely be tweeted out or posted on other social networks along with the link. If you header does not contain the gist of your post and promote an action it will probably be passed right on by. We wouldn’t want that to happen.

Utilize Categories and Tags

Categories in WordPress, along with Tags in other Blogging platforms are wonderful tools and help you target the areas you want to focus on. Set up the categories you want to cover and blog within them. The categories and tags also help readers read more about your topics that you focus on. For example if you focus on niche subjects like Steampunk and all your posts regarding that are tagged as Steampunk, then readers can easily just click your tag or category and read all you have to say about it.


What you might see a lot in SEO posts is that Google likes a formatted post. What this means is that they love to see a structured post with heading tags and paragraph copy.

There should only be one H1 tag and it should be the most important statement. Usually this is the Header.

Subheadings should be labeled h2s and then sub-subheadings h3 and so on and so forth. Their can be more then one H2 and less headings. Your headings should have a keyword in it.

Picture It

A picture is worth a thousand words. Represent it within the post. This keeps readers from getting bored, especially if you have a long, informative post.


Include links, external and internal. Make sure you include related posts or other informative links within your posts. If you mention a previous post, link it. If you mention a source, link it. You can also leave links at the bottom of the posts. If you like this one, you’ll love this one…

Question Your Readers

The point of the post is reader engagement and the best way to engage is in the comments section. Sometimes readers don’t know what to comment with though, so help them. Ask a question at the end of your post that will help them join the conversation.

Tune in Next Week for Chapter 6: Creative Thinking – Brainstorm for a Better Blog

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Reader Question of the Week:

I was just wondering about the etiquette of book tours? I notice some bloggers have a lot of book tours, but none are run by the same tour host. Can you give me the basic run down on signing up for blog tours and such? – Ellen Faith

Ellen – most blog tour hosts can only run so many blog tours a month, yet a blogger could literally have 30 blog tours set up a month if they want to run it that way. There is no exclusivity that I know of as far as being a tour host for different blog tour sites. And if there is one, I wouldn’t recommend that tour site. You don’t want to be hemmed in by just one host. It would be like being exclusive to just one publisher. So, basically you can sign up for a host for all of the book tour hosts sites and then sign up for as many of the tours as they host. Just make sure you keep track of the tours that you are on. You usually sign up for being on a tour by going to the hosts main site. Usually you can sign up to be on the newsletter which will send out which tours are running, and then you have to sign up for each individual tour as they are being scheduled.


Book Blogger News:

The Brit Edition

Trolling for Notoriety

RJ Ellory, apologetic crime writer extraordinaire, admitted to being a total troll, writing fake reviews and being a dickweed to other rival authors. And he has gotten a ton of nasty backlash. People are calling him socially disturbed, abusive and even a sociopath. RJ Ellory has come out an apologized profusely about his actions over the last 10 years, stating that he will take responsibility, but the fact of the matter is, he only apologized after being caught and exposed by spy author Jeremy Duns on twitter.   [source 1] [source 2]

Please sir, can you get more melodramatic?

Sir Peter Stothard the editor of the Times Literary Supplement was quoted in The Independent as not really liking book bloggers that much. The Independent wrote about Sir Peter “He has been left hugely critical over the decline in current standards of literary criticism, and says the rise of bloggers will leave the industry “worse off”.” Because apparently our book blogger’s opinions are not as good as his. Or more directly, “Not everyone’s opinion is worth the same.” He concludes from his own bloated opinion that as more and more bloggers give out crappy criticism the public will read more and more crappy books, thus degrading the whole literary community. I’m sure he puts the entire Fifty Shades of Grey phenom solely on the backs of Book Bloggers. That is only my crappy opinion though. The Independent goes on to state Stothard’s lofty credentials, including the fact that he has only seen six movies in his lifetime and doesn’t go to many sports venues. Personally the whole article just struck me as an old man trying to cling to “old ways” and not trying to roll with the new way of doing thing. [Source]

Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.

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