PJV Quick Review: A typical romance with few twists. It was interesting and fun. Caitlin and Griffon have good chemistry. 

Title: Whistle Down the Wind

Author: Sibelle Stone

Published: March 5th, 2012

Source: e-Review Copy

Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance/Historical

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Arrested for using her magical powers to protect herself, Catlin Glyndwr faces the hangman’s noose. Descended from a long line of elemental witches, she can control the wind and weather. But the worst thing that can happen in 1664 England is to be charged with practicing of witchcraft. Especially when the accusation is true. Sir Griffin Reynolds is visiting his closest childhood friend before embarking on a secret mission for King Charles II to the New World. When his friend becomes deathly ill while interrogating a beautiful woman accused of witchcraft, Griffin accepts her offer of help. In exchange for her freedom, she’ll heal his friend. When Griffin and Catlin embark on a journey to Virginia to save the colony, they succumb to the temptation of a white hot passion that blazes between them. But a Dark Druid stalks Catlin, and if he can’t possess her and her magic — no man will. A beautiful witch discovers there’s more than one way to be wicked.


Ok, so this book is somewhere a 2.5 to an almost 4. Actually, the beginning is about a 2.5 and then it gets much stronger in the last half and becomes a strong 3.5.

This is one of those books that are almost impossible to review without giving spoilers. I will try to keep all the twist and turns under a tight lid. It was an enjoyable read and a good way to spend the afternoon but I wasn’t blown away. The writing was great and is what you can expect from a good romance writer. The first few chapters moved a bit slow, but once the story picked up I was drawn in and wanted to know what was next.

I think what I found most exciting about the story was the magical aspects. I’m a sucker for a good witchcraft tale. I also love learning about history. So getting to read a historical witchcraft book was exciting for me. The witchcraft aspect was honestly my favorite part of the book and the part where the writing was the best. I really connected with Caitlin when she was in her element.
Caitlin is a strong and head strong young lady and I couldn’t help but cheer for her. She is likeable as lead, but can come off as a bit…umm…airheaded. Yep, that’s a nice way to put it. Her main love interest is Griffin. He’s pretty much the template of the alpha male. No surprises with him. He even smells like sandlewood. Why do alpha males always smell like sandlewood? There are some other minor characters that take up the first half of the book but they are hardly worth a mention since they do not reappear. I bet we will see more of them in the second book though.

The villain is the worst character in the whole book. He is bad in two ways. He did things that made me cringe. At the same time he was completely predictable.  He gets his in the end though. I actually wish she had left his storyline open so that we could have seen him grow more as a character. I feel like the potential was there but it just wasn’t developed. There was a lot of build up to his appearance and he just kind of fizzled.

The characters were not fleshed out enough which is another part that is keeping this book of reaching full potential as a 5 star book. I find that this happens a lot with series the first book lacks character depth because the author knows that they have several books to spread the info out in.
This book is worth a read and I might pick up the next book to see what happens to Caitlin.


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