PJV Quickie: Bec McMaster delivers a fun, steampunk romp that had me shivering in fear at parts and cheering at others. Honoria Todd and Blade, the Master of the Rookeries are irresistible. If you are a fan of Steampunk, you want to read this one.

[frame align=”left”] Cover coming[/frame] Title: Kiss of Steel
Author: Bec McMaster
Series: London Steampunk Book #1
Publication: September 4th 2012 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Source: Provided by Publisher.
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The elite of London are afflicted with a disease that has them craving blood and almost invincible. They rule over the humans and poorer citizens as Masters, taking slaves and blood donors that are treated worse then dogs. Honoria Todd was once part of the more educated class that served the Lords of London. Her father was a scientist and his studies might have gotten him killed. Yet, while his murderer is unknown, what is known is that the Todds are no longer protected by a patron. Honoria has to take her young brother and sister into the sketchier parts of town to live and try to earn a living. Her brother has taken ill and his illness shows signs of a very sinister affliction that she can’t even admit to herself.

When Honoria finds herself being called in front of the Master of the Rookeries, the area of town she lives in, she knows that her life could very well change drastically. The Masters enslave, kill and take what they want and Honoria can’t afford to not obey Blade. She has her family to protect. What she doesn’t expect is Blade’s almost immediate battle with control when she interacts with him. A man like Blade should be in total control, because the slightest slip could endanger everyone around him. It could be because of the rumors of a vampire killing people in the streets of the rookerie though…or it could be something more carnal.

This was a hot novel; with everything a girl like me loves. It had a budding romance, vampires, steampunk and a mystery. Blade was on the hulking, disturbed, sexy side and Honoria was on the untouchable, tough-chick, loyal side that just had all my happy romance check-points covered. Bec McMaster can also weave a great story. McMaster had an intense plot and thick world building all woven into a great novel. My only grumpy moment was the quick, neatly wrapped up ending. It had me all ooey gooey with happy feelings but my rational self was like, “that’s it?” Perfect for a Romance, but it could have been flushed out a tad better. And I have a bone to pick with the cover:

First, Ms. Todd would not be in that outfit. Yes, she did have a top hat, but she would not be all showing her stuff on the streets. Second, Blade does not have dark hair. It made me laugh actually. The guy on the cover was hot, but not how I pictured Blade.

Overall, a great read and it has introduced me to a great new author, Bec McMaster. I need more! But, alas, ‘Heart of Iron’ is not available until May of 2013. I’ll have to wait.


Fans of steampunk will not be disappointed. Adults only, this is a romance.

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