The PJV Welcomes Lori as an Associate Reviewer

Lori will be the Indie Reviewer

Giving love to the many indie authors that would like their books reviewed on the PJV, we have done something that should have happened a long time ago. Luckily the wonderful Lori is stepping up to the plate. *Round of Applause please* for Lori…

[frame align=”left”]Indie Book Reviewer[/frame]Lori’s Other Haunts…
I started my blog in April but didn’t really start taking it serious until I asked my friend Kami to be a co-blogger in May. Our website is I am also starting another blog dedicated to adult books, Romance and Erotica to be exact. It’s not up and running yet and I am hoping to get domains for both in the coming weeks.

Lori’s Favorite Books…
My favorite book of all time is Watership Down by Richard Adams. As for indies I have so many but I will let you know my top five by author.
Tamara Rose Blodgett: The Death Series, The Savage Series and The Blood Series are all the first books I suggest to people new to indies.
Rhiannon Frater: The Last Bastion of the Living was beyond amazing. The Tale of the Vampire Bride. Hands Down Awesomeness.
Alexia Purdy: Her book Reign of Blood sticks with me today. With as much as I read that’s a huge accomplishment
Emily Goodwin: I beta read for her on occasion and everything she writes even the fluff that I tell her to take out is amazing. Now that she has an editor there is no holding her back. Her books are The Contagium Trilogy and The Guardian Legacy.
Annie Walls: Just self published her first novel Taking on the Dead. It’s got zombies. I had the pleasure of beta reading this before it came out. It was just fantastic.
Lori about reviewing Indie Books…[pullquote align=”right”]We Support Indie Authors![/pullquote]
I love being able to reach out the authors and letting them know I reviewed their book and seeing their genuine appreciation. I have little to no experience with the big 6. The few authors that I read and review from them are all humble and great as well but I have many great relationships with indies. I think my all time favorite thing is being asked to test read for them. I love that they trust my opinion enough from my reviews that they feel comfortable having me rip them to shreds.


About Lori…
I’m a single mother. My mom moved in with me after she got done doing chemo for lung cancer last year so I am fortunate to have her help with my daughter. Oh yes, she is cancer free and smoke free. She just recently had an Doctors appointment and her xray came up clean!!! Yay! I love to read. I spend entirely too much time and money wrapped up in books. I wouldn’t give it up for the world though. I have two jobs and am very close to my sister and her kids.


Tune in on Wednesdays to check out Lori’s Reviews.