PJV Quickie: At times deep and at times confusing, Embrace is a unique story about angels, humans, and what’s in the middle.

Title: Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters #1)
Author: Jessica Shirvington
Type: YA Paranormal
Published: March 6, 2012 by Sourcebooks Fire
Source: Publisher
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Violet Eden is celebrating her 17th birthday- not a happy event as her mother died giving birth to her so birthdays are a difficult reminder for her.  She’s crushing on her male best friend, Lincoln, who she trains with every day and she’s finally decided to let him know how she feels at her birthday dinner.  Things don’t go as planned, so when she goes to his house the next morning to clear the air once and for all, she overhears a conversation between Lincoln and another man – they’re talking about her!  Violet learns she is a Grigori – human with a piece of angel essence imparted inside her.  Grigori are made to defend mankind against exiled angels who want to take over humanity; not only are she and Lincoln Girgori, they’re destined to work together as a team.

Feeling deceived and hurt, she rejects Lincoln and all he stands for.  Then she meets Phoenix: he’s beautiful, mysterious, and definitely into her.  He knows about angels and Grigori, and understands what’s going on in Violet’s life – her essence is so strong it attracts the exiled angels.  She wants to reject her angel heritage but keeps getting pulled back in, getting more questions than answers and trying to stay alive.


I have mixed thoughts about Embrace; on the one hand, I liked the concept of defenders against fallen angels,on the other hand, it was a bit confusing to follow all the world-building, partly because the information the reader gets is scattered in bits and pieces.  I hate when hints are dropped thoughout the story without any real explanation…

I liked both love interests:  Linc, the trusted friend, and Phoenix, the sexy mysterious new guy. Although – there’s an age difference there that makes me uncomfortable.  Violet’s character comes off as kind of selfish and a bit childish; her actions often don’t make a lot of sense, and although we do learn why (sort of) near the end of the story, it was frustrating to read as it was happening.  There is a particular scene where she is setting off on an important journey and her actions make absolutely no sense; I sat there reading with my mouth hanging open thinking I must not be understanding correctly (I was).  That particular moment also gives me pause when certain truths about one of the parties involved are revealed at the end of the book.

That being said, I liked the beginning and end of the book, and am hoping enough of a foundation has been laid in this first book that the next book, Entice, will be a smoother read for me.  I am actually looking forward to Entice, as I think one particular angel’s actions will be further examined and not what they appear to be in Embrace.  I’m also hoping Violet will be one of those main characters who grow  as the story progresses, and will perhaps be a little more kick-ass and a little less whiny.


Fans of angel mythology with a bit of romance.

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