666 Park Avenue

666 Park Avenue Premieres Next Sunday at 10 est

666 Park Avenue will be premiering next week and to commemorate another paranormal themed show, let’s go over how to spot if your house is haunted or evil.

Haunted or Evil?

There is actually a Paranormal.about.com — I never knew this. But some of the things they list are:

Objects go Poof: This actually has an acronym. DOP or Disappearing Object Phenomenon. Stuff goes missing and then reappears in the spot you thought they were originally. In my house we battle this a lot. It usually revolves around my husbands wallet, his keys and his phone. He swears it’s Gremlins. I just claim testosterone and the infamous “man look”.

Noise: Those pesky ghosts are noisy, they like to walk very loudly, bang around, scratch things and moan. A lot of the times it can be explained as a house “settling” or the air conditioner. But, every now and again, there is something that is beyond explanation. I’ve lived in a house that ever night at dusk running could be heard throughout the house. Much like if a large person were walking quickly or running through our raised house. It was Fur-Reaky. Odd but not threatening or evil. Yet, some noises like screaming or moaning could be interpreted to have evil tendencies.

Opening Things: “Honey did you leave the fridge open?” No? It was most likely the ghost or evil entity you have in your house. According to researchers cabinets that open and close are a sure sign of a haunting. Obviously they like to just check things out a lot to see what you have in your dark places. The same house I spoke of earlier I also had this problem. Especially with the refrigerator. There were a few times that we came home after an extended amount of time away, having to throw away most things in both the fridge and the freezer. One time would have been weird but it was usually a couple times a month. Replacing the food angered me a lot, but I didn’t get an evil impression from this action, though.

Lights On. Lights Off: Those ghosts like to mess with the electricity too. Turning off the power in the middle of your unsaved draft might have evil connotations also.

Have we established that the house is haunted? How can you tell if it is an evil spirit or not?

Your Gut Knows: When you hear the noises, or sense a presence what does your gut tell you? I know hearing something out of the ordinary is freak you out crazy – but give it a minute. Calm yourself and let your gut tell you if this presences makes you uncomfortable or not. If you are getting angry/evil vibes your gut is probably right.

Believer? Are you a believer in a religion? Place your religions iconology around your house and see if you can still sense the beings presences. If you notice that the iconology has been altered, or moved, the being might not like it, which is also a sign of an evil entity.

Speak up. Ask the being what it wants. An answer might  frighten you, but it could give you the answer you need.

Eviction Notice. Let’s get this bad boy out of the house.

Finding Your Religion: Pray. And mean it. Or if you don’t believe at least get a priest over there or something. Make sure there are no beehives located near the room where the priest will be doing his house blessing though.

Place sage at your entry ways or sprinkle it throughout your house. Sage is considered a very powerful herb and Native Americans would burn it at ceremonies to clear away evil spirits or negative energy. I actually have a bag of sage tied to my door.

Salt. Circle your house in salt or place it on your windows and doors. I haven’t heard of this expelling a spirit though, from what I have read this is a way to keep them out.

Bells. Bells are also supposed to cast out spirits. Hence wind chimes and Church bells. Ringing a bell is supposed to scare away evil spirits.

Bless your home. Spray the house with holy water — if you believe and has been blessed by a priest that believes.

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Think your house is haunted? Are any of the above things happening to you?