I’m thinking out loud here — and I thought I would share. How I’m dealing with the Feedburner debacle.

Debacle: Rumors that it is shutting down mid October
Rumors that it will no longer support Feedburner
The disappearance of stats last night.

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My stats are gone! What does that mean? When you go and login to feedburner you see a big fat 0 next to your feed. That means I just nixed over 3000 subscribers from my hit. It might be a glitch – or it might be the coming of the end. My pageviews have been steadily dropping and all I can do is glare at Google. First came Blogger. I jumped ship. Second came GFC. Now feedburner. Google, I’m not going to use another product from you again! If you wanted me to pay you, I would have considered it — but to just drop me like a bad habit without even telling me. Yes, there have been rumors. But just that. Rumors. And personally because of no information — I’m thinking maybe it might come back up.

I look on your blog. It doesn’t say anything about Feedburner.


You know what this is going to mean. I now have no trust for Free Google Apps. I will not us Chrome to store any data. I will not use Google Docs to store any pertinent information. How can I? When overnight it can all disappear. At least give me some warning. And a stupid rumor, twitter talk and a cryptic date of “change” is not a warning. How about a MOVE your feed email. That would have been nice.

So what am I doing about it?

Well first I have to notify my missing subscribers. How do I do that?

Login to Feedburner. IGNORE THE ZEROS.

Click on your feed. Then click on Show Stats for — and move it back to the first date that you do have subscribers. Like yesterday.

Mine worked at September 17th.

Click on see more about your subscribers.

Scroll down to Export. Click CSV. You should download a CSV of your subscribers.

Now I would suggest going through that CSV and extracting the emails of your subscribers and sending them an email on how they can subscribe again to your feed. Whether you sign up for a paid service like MailChimp or Feedblitz — or use the free WordPress or just standard email subscription widgets that come with your Blogger software. Just direct your subscribers to reenlist.

I will be using MailChimp, creating a list by importing the downloaded CSV file and using it to just send out an ALL POINTS alert that subscriptions are no-longer. Mailchimp is not a feed subscription service you will have to create newsletters by hand, they do not burn your feed and send it via email. You will need to figure out the one that works best with your platform.

Good Luck. And if you are a Parajunkee’s View email subscriber. Please direct your attention to the sidebar and enter your email address into the subscription box.

Thank you. Oh and take the time to sign-up for my MailChimp. I tried Feedblitz, but they couldn’t give me a definitive “How-to” without subscribing, credit-carding, or entering something in some field or clicking some link. I know and trust MailChimp. I might have to pay $30 a month. But, I don’t have much choice now do I?