PJV Quickie: The fact that this book had so many four and five star ratings left me scratching my head and thinking “did we read the same book?”

Unenchanted and Unfortunate Free BuyTitle: UnEnchanted
Author: Chanda Hahn
Type: Young Adult Paranormal
Published: Published 2011 by Chanda Hahn
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Rating: 5 Stars Deal or Duped? Duped
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As far as ideas goes, Chanda Hahn did a good job with brainstorming this one. The story is about a young girl that is the descendent of the Grimm brothers. Mina Grimes, otherwise known as Mina Grimm is faced with a curse that has haunted her family for generations. She has to act out fairy tales and try to “beat” them. The Grimm brothers got through most of them, but succumbed in the end. No one has ever lived through all 200. Mina a usually insecure and clutzy teen decides that she’ll embrace the curses and finish them.

If you can look past the lack of editing and use of spell-check, I guess you could enjoy the book. I did try to look past it, because this was a Free Self-Published book, I can’t expect that much right? But, then I was faced with a highly insecure main character that grated on me every time she assumed incorrectly, but then would suddenly become empowered when it came to the curse. Then there was the love-interest, who was like this shining star of a white-knight, going from dating the head cheerleader to panting over this hoodie wearing, drenched, stained and stuttering Mina. It didn’t strike me as real. Then the over-zealous friend that kept tweeting out pictures of Mina. Didn’t ring true either. The most talked about plot of this book was that chick’s phone and her 200 twitter followers.

The dialogue was juvenile.The plot was not properly flushed out. The series seems like a never-ending fiasco, considering she has to go through 200 fairy tales. The editing was horrendous.The characters were two-dimensional.

The only reason this book didn’t hit the DNF pile was because of the interesting concept. I do believe most adults would find this book too juvenile and poorly polished to merit a good read.


If you can look past the bad writing I think younger teens might enjoy. Fans of fairy tales.

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