Blogging TipQuick Blogging Tip: Check your blog in different browsers and resolution sizes.

Did you set up your blog using Internet Explorer? Check out what your blog looks like on Mozilla, Chrome and other browsers. Do you have a large monitor? Go find a small laptop and see what it looks like on that. Or vice-versa. If you generally blog on a small NetBook or laptop get on a large monitor and check what it looks like on larger resolution. 85% of users are on a screen higher than 1024×768. About 6.5% are on a resolution of 1680×1050. That is a huge difference. You want to be sure your blog does not show up all wacky on a big screen.

Have a friend with a Mac? Ask them if you can jump on Safari to view your blog. You might be surprised. I literally had a heart attack when I saw what my blog looked like on an older version of Internet Explorer. It made me cry it was so horrendous. We take transparencies for granted, but there are still a few people that are holding out with very outdated browsers and all they see is white boxes.


Here are some examples of how different a blog can look this blog is set up as a small content area — see how you can see more and more of the background:

But what if you have your content set up for BIGGER than 1024, notice how you get a horizontal scroll of the smallest 1024×768 blog size:

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