Are you prepared for the apocalypse?

Ten Integral Things You Need When the World Goes Dystopic.

Apoclyptic Survival

Scenes from NBC’s Revolution

One of NBC’s most anticipated Fall 2012 shows is REVOLUTION and it premieres this Monday. All the critics are coming back with positive feedback, even though they fear that it might be short-lived, since these high drama, science fiction shows usually come out with a bang and then fizzle, much like Terra Nova, last year’s anticipated television science fiction drama. Yet, with Supernatural’s Kripke at the helm along with powerhouse JJ Abrams how can this one go wrong? The pilot looks promising, and the dystopian landscape is crafted enough to give the whole show a worthwhile following. What sets! Then an added bonus of crazy hand-to-hand combat, sexy Katniss-esque heroine and already a simmering star-crossed lover scenario – has me wanting more.

So, in honor of this dystopian drama we are going to prepare for the coming apocalypse with a top ten list of things to have on hand “just in case” the SHTF.

In Revolution, the apocalyptic event is a sudden plunge into the dark ages. No more electricity. Having just experienced this during Hurricane Isaac, I am not ready for this apocalyptic event. So what should we have on hand to prep for this sort of disaster, no matter if it is five days or forever?

Prepping is not just for Preppers.

One. First things first, a flashlight and extra batteries. Murphey’s law is that the electricity always goes out in the middle of the night. For Hurricane Isaac it happened at 5am Tuesday morning. Have it within reach, or at least in a set place so you can find it in the dark.

Water is key to survival
Two. Water. The first ting to go in the Grocery Store when a Hurricane is in the Gulf is the water. It just goes off those shelves. If the parish/county utilities break down, running water in your home will become a thing of the past. This means your toilet will not work, bathtub etc. Stock up on water. We fill water cooler bottles and tubs with tap water, along with our bathtub if things get bad. Just to have water to flush the toilet and do quick wipe down bathing. I also suggest Long Term Survival Gear. Water purification tablets or bleach. Your stored water can’t last forever.

Three. Food. Stock up on can goods and non-perishable items. Your fridge and freezer will only last for a few days. It is acting like an ice chest if you don’t open it too much. I actually filled Styrofoam cups with water and froze them, which kept my freezer for one more day – but this is only a hold until the power would come back on. With the power out for seven days that was four days too short, so we lost most of our freezer goods. The fact that the rain didn’t stop for three days also hindered us from grilling the meat in the freezer. We lived off of canned soup and ravioli for a few days. MREs (Meals Ready To Eat) are a wonderful food source to stock up on. Usually the National Guard will come into the effected areas and give out cases of MREs to citizens. But, don’t plan on it, if the disaster is off-the-charts.

Arm yourselfFour. Arm yourself. Once everything breaks down your biggest concern might not be the events that caused the apocalypse, but other people. People that were not prepared and want your stuff. In life or death situations, the good or the bad comes to a head. Good people, things like this makes them stronger, the bad seem to degrade, because there is no sense of order, so they are “allowed” to let their baser natures shine through. Some, if you just show that you are not a sheep, will move away to easier targets. But, I do suggest that your arm yourself with a considerable weapon and know how to use it. Because if you don’t know how to use it – you might hurt yourself.

Five. Lighter, heating source. Even as cavemen we knew that fire meant life. Who needs a BBQ pit during an apocalypse when you can build a fire pit? My suggestion would be to learn how to use flint or steel wool to set a fire. Because that fuel in a lighter will run out sooner rather than later.

Six. First Aid, medicine. If you need a certain medicine to survive, stock up on it. Also have in your house basic first-aid supplies.

Seven. Trash bags. Seems silly out of all the things, but trash bags can be used for a shelter, to keep yourself dry and your things dry along with holding waste and other debris. You can also use them to store water. The more heavy duty the better.

Eight. Make Friends. Survival in numbers right. That neighbor you can’t stand because they play their music loud, might be your ticket to survival, especially since he’s a crack shot and knows how to grow a monster tomato. Make nice with the neighbors and talk to them about their preparedness levels. The might think you’re crazy – until the shit hits the fan.

Thermal Blankets a must haveNine. Shelter. You might have to bug out and you’ll need shelter. Thermal blankets, “mummy” sacks and Bivvy’s are all great things to have on hand. You might have that tent that you bought for your happy camper trip, but in the middle of a mad dash for high ground, will you have the time to stop and set up a tent. You might have to pull a Katniss and bolt yourself in a tree. Thermal blankets and a nylon rope will solve that problem.

Ten. Gadgets. You want to keep your pack light, but you also want to stock up on with handy tools and items such as all-purpose combat knives, maybe a machete, or an axe, a Leatherman tool, bolt cutters…military personnel swear by their shovels. It can be everything from a weapon, to a seat, a cooking utensil and of course a shovel.

Tune in Monday, September 17th, 8/7c for NBC’s REVOLUTION, especially, if like me you are a sucker for dystopian.