Time Away has forced me to look into my format.

In particular the Social Hop that is done at Midnight on Friday morning. I never particularly liked that time slot, but for some reason I was doing it that way, sheer stubbornness I suppose. The absence because of Hurricane Isaac is giving me the opportunity to change this, so the social hop will be moving to Friday’s during the day my time, so I don’t have to worry if the posts went live. The Facebook and Twitter will be split up and a Giveaway list will be added on Fridays. Posts will go live at 8am CST on Friday mornings.

Friday’s Line-Up

Twitter Social Hop Facebook Fan Page Hop Giveaway Link-Up

I was also considering doing away with the DWW – because of lack of participation, but realized I don’t do them for participation, I do them because I like the WOW meme but wanted to include “old” books too, LOL — so that is staying.

Blogging Tips

Since Parajunkee’s View is also becoming Synonymous with Blogging Tips. More Blogging Tips will be featured throughout the week. Daily tips & tricks, HTML and other fun stuff. Book Blogging 101 is by far my most popular post, so I figured that is what people want to get more of. If you think this would detract from The PJV let me know though.

Up-Coming Promotions

Haunted Halloween – Authors & Bloggers submit stories of their own personal haunting. Guest Post spots are available for October. Please email me if you are interested.

New Ideas are like Candy

Always wanting to open up the Parajunkee’s View arena with more and more fun, I have a few ideas that I am throwing around, so like I did with my Romance Feature, in which Patti swooped in and showed off in her full-of-awesomeness Romance reviews, I figured I would give some other peeps the opportunity to be Junkee Awesome. New flavor of awesome of course. You might already be awesome, but now you can also be branded, Junkee Awesome.

Indie Awareness – Position Available
Into Indie books? Review them for Parajunkee’s View. There are plenty of indie books that need reviewing. Position would be available for any genre of fiction. Cross-genre reading is preferred, instead of niche.

eBook Enthusiast – Position Available
An eBook Junkee? We have those type of books also. We have a lot! Position would be available for any genre of fiction. Cross-genre reading is preferred, instead of niche. But, niche reviewers can be accepted if there is more then one eBook Reviewer.

Freebie Lover – Position Available
Are you a junkee for those Amazon/B&N freebie downloads? Download the books for free and then review them on Parajunkee’s View. Reviews would have to be done in a timely fashion, hopefully with the Freebies still on the freebie list, to raise awareness to their Freebie awesomeness. This would be the more flexible position on the PJV. Reviews since they are quick turnaround would have to be done on an “as available” time-slot.

Associate Reviewer – Position Available
Have books. Will review. The PJV always has an excess of books for review, but in this start-up position I would ask that you have a few reviews already available to post. Once the relationship is established then I will begin giving contacts your address. This position would have to be in the US because of the publisher shipping restrictions.

Teen Reviewer – Position Available
Age 14-17? Want to review? Positions are available for an eBook reviewer that can morph into an everything teen reviewer. My excess is just in eBooks right now. Reviewer will only review YA fiction.

These positions of course are all available, but are subject to change. If you want the position just please know, the reviews you create for Parajunkee’s View can not be posted on another blog, or have already been posted in another medium. Once posted on the PJV you can post your review on sites such as Goodreads.com, Amazon.com etc., but it is asked that you do not post them on your personal blog. Teasers with link backs are acceptable though.

Apply Now