Book Blogging 101 – Chapter 3 – Setting Goals, Road Maps & Editorial Calendars

Section 1: Setting Goals

Goals, just like in life, should be set for your blog. You want to have something to work for, strive to achieve. Without set goals and paths you can quickly flounder and lose your way.

What type of goals can you set for a blog?

There are tons, depending on your theme or purpose. These are questions you have to ask yourself based on your industry and trends. As a book blogger my goals included making industry contacts with publishers, authors and publicists. I also wanted to one day receive an ARC in the mail (not from a contest). I wanted to one day meet an author at a signing. Things like this are based on the industry I blog in, but you also want to set goals as far as general blogging is concerned.

Common goals you should try to achieve:

  • Follower/subscriber counts
  • SEO goals, high rankings in your chosen keywords
  • An average comment count – set out to get an average of 5 comments or more a post
  • A pageview number
  • Twitter followers, or Facebook likes

Goals like these are substantiated by numbers and easy to achieve. Set goals like 100 followers in the first month and set out to achieve that by visiting other blogs like yours and commenting and asking if they would like to visit your blog. You can do this – just follow your roadmap!

Section 2: Mapping Out Your Future

Do you have an EndGame? Are you a writer that plans to use your blog to promote your writing? Are you a artist that wants to one day sell your art work?

Set that End mark on your roadmap that you want your blog to follow and then easily map your path to it. This might go on for awhile, in fact most of the time it just continues to grow. Your EndGame might change along the way, but always have that map in mind as you blog along with your goals. Things will always change along the way, but doing this helps you focus and gives you little steps to do, instead of a broad spectrum of larger achievements.

Section 3: Editorial Calendar

Once you have all your questions answered, your name figured out and your style, its time to lay it all out on the table. You might have only one follower, who happens to be your mother right now, but if you write it, they will come.

I always suggest to novice bloggers that before they even put that OPEN sign on their blog, to have at least two weeks worth of posts scheduled. A month worth is even better. You want to have every day mapped out for a good long while, this will give you time to network your petunia off.

Having a good editorial calendar and sticking to it will save you. It makes life easier and organized. If you have a review blog, grab at least 10 books that you’ve read in the past and review them – this will give you a good cushion. Then scour the web for social memes or networking events you want to participate in and map those blog posts out on your calendar also. Then once you have those all lined up start visiting other blogs, forums and social networking sites. You are ready to start blogging.

This technique takes the pressure off of you as a blogger. This way you have posts going live and you don’t have to worry about “WHAT TO POST” the night before. This gives you time to focus on promoting your blog, instead of writing your blog.


Use Google Calendar, a great and free way of seeing everything in perspective
Wordpress user? There is a great Editorial Calendar plugin. I use it and couldn’t live without it.

Book Blogger News:

Cease & Desist goes Wild

Bullshit Reigns in this latest bit of WTFery. It would seem that a man by the name of Jazan Wild aka Jason Barnes, who has a comic called ‘Carnival of Souls’ has decided to legally threaten anyone that posts about Melissa Marr’s latest book of the same name. This means he is sending Cease & Desist letters to anyone who writes a review of Marr’s book. It would seem that he is lawyering up and getting ready to sue Harper Collins for exclusive title rights. Best post I’ve seen about this is over at  who got her own letter and Wild has actually commented with his “proof” on that post.

The comment does elude that Barnes holds a Trademark to the name, but the argument seems thin considering there is also a 1962 movie by the same name and the comic came out in 2005. The author claims that the Trademark is for classes of good i.e books, comics etc., not movies.  — But, considering Mr. Barnes has also filed lawsuits again NBC [Wild v. NBC Universal, Inc., 788 F.Supp.2d 1083 (C.D.Cal. 2011)]  regarding how an episode of Heroes was “virtually identical” to a scene depicted in the comics, I would say that Barnes is chasing the payout, not the legalities. Especially since that same lawsuit was dismissed and the courts took “judicial notice” that the initial idea of a nightmarish carnival was first depicted in the 1962 work ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’.  1962 seems to be a popular year in this story. Basically this seems like insecurities of a struggling comic author, Barnes himself does not have an original idea or title, so he has to reaffirm himself with lawsuits to justify his originality.

The base fact though, is that he is trying to intimidate Book Bloggers (no matter how you feel on his legal rights of Trademark) and that is the lowest form of ridiculousness. Get over yourself Mr. Barnes you are targeting the wrong people.  Step off of innocent bloggers who just want to promote a good book — not one of those Book Bloggers is infringing on you. If you have a legitimate claim, the courts will see it, but why must you harass bloggers in the mean-time?  How can we pity you as the victim when you are lashing out at the innocent? {source}

Another blog Goes AWOL

Misfit Salon is the latest blog to disappear. Stephanie’s blog is completely shut down, along with her twitter account. Misfit is one of the blogs that I followed since the beginning. Wayback in 2009. Stephanie’s fun take on everything literary will be missed.

Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.

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