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PJV Quickie: Other than Ian, Vlad was the one I most wanted to find true love and to turn into a blithering love-struck fool and Frost…well she dangled it merrily in front of our faces. She is quite an evil author, but boy did I enjoy this book.

Title: Once Burned
Author: Jeaniene Frost
Series: Night Prince #1
Type: Paranormal Romance
Publication: June 26th 2012 by Avon
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Rating: 5 Stars

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I have to preface this review to state that personally I am not a fan of this narrator’s interpretation of Bones. She is the same one that did the Night Huntress series and she just makes Bones sound, well so effeminate. And while Bones only had a small cameo roll in these books, I just cringe with his voice. But — and yes but, she was perfect with Vlad. Obviously she does Wallachian a lot better than Cockney. So, I do recommend partaking in this particular audiobook and aforementioned narrator has redeemed herself.

Let us move away from accents though and focus on the book, which as you might know, is our favorite Wallachian Prince’s story. The character that Frost mentions over and over again in interviews that she never wanted to write, because of how cliche’ he is. And within the book, she even had a few slap-stick moments when the heroine thought he was just being dramatic because he was a vampire named Vlad. It was rather funny. Frankie [aka Leila], the main character is actually aware of vampires before the novel begins, because she is a member of a traveling carnival and her partner is a dwarf vampire. After being in a terrible accident her body actually became charged and she can barely touch anyone without killing them, or at least giving them a nasty shock. Along with that shocking touch, she can read a person’s deepest thoughts and secrets. Usually their sins are at the forefront of what she sees. Frankie becomes a bit of a star when she accidentally brushes against a man and then his wife, and then “sees” the man has the wife’s murder all planned out because the woman is cheating on him. Not being able to keep her mouth shut, Frankie draws a crowd and brings attention to the stash of “incriminating evidence” that is in the man’s trunk.

Quickly the news is ripe with talk of the Frankie girl’s ability and a few bad vamps believe this is their ticket to take out a few of their enemies. Frankie is kidnapped by two nasty vamps and asked to locate a certain surly Wallachian by her unusual ability of remote viewing from touching an object. Nasty vampire hijinxs ensue, stunningly executed by Frost in her fun and breathless manner of writing. I am truly impressed with these spin-off series that she has created. While, yes, I have become rather bored with the path of the main series (even though I love Cat & Bones) I really enjoy the world and all the other great characters that she has created and I can see numerous books for all the wonderful characters. They can also be read as a stand-alone, but I would recommend at least reading four of the Night Huntress books so you can get to lurve all over Vlad before you get to meet him in these books. And plus those books rock.

The only flaws that I noticed in the book was just some slight plot-points and maybe inconsistencies with Frankie’s powers. I couldn’t understand if it was just Frankie’s right hand that was charged up or her whole body, because at different times it seemed to be either or. That was really the only thing though. Well, and a rather embarrassing fact is that Frost has gotten me to expect a certain WOW factor with her sex scenes and I didn’t have that WOW yet…we can only hope in book two right? But, then again, Cat & Bones are hard to overshadow. Other than that, rock on, with Frost’s bad self and another fabulous addition to the Night Huntress World series of books. I can’t wait to read the second Vlad book.

Adults-only, for paranormal romance fans. This book is choked full of vampires of full stereo-typical variety, castles, servants, masters, Vlad the Impaler – the whole nine. Yes, Vlad still likes to impale. Again, recommended that you read some of the other books in the series before you read this one, but of course it is not required. I wouldn’t think this is cross-over genre book either, I think you need to really want a paranormal romance to appreciate this one.

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