PJV Quickie: ‘Enclave’ was a Parajunkee’s View favorite from 2011 and now ‘Outpost’ the second book by Ann Aquirre leaves me dying for more, again!!


We left Deuce, Fade, Stalker and Tegan in the town of Salvation. They were going through a very traumatic trek through Topside after Deuce and Fade were banished from College and barely escaped the Gotham gangs with their lives. Now Deuce and the others are getting used to their new lives and it is proving harder for Deuce and Stalker then Fade and Tegan, who seem to be fitting right in. Deuce being a Huntress, is looked down upon in Salvation, women aren’t supposed to pick up arms, they are there to obey the men, cook and do womanly things. Deuce is not having any of that nonsense, though. All she wants to do is kill Freaks, who seem to be acting very abnormally lately. And speaking of abnormal, Fade hasn’t spoken to Deuce since they arrived in Salvation, he seems to be stepping back from her, while Stalker believes it is now his chance to step forward. But, all Deuce can think about, even though she isn’t a Breeder, is Fade and how much she misses him.

As the Freaks get more and more aggressive toward the town, showing signs of strategy and higher intelligence, Deuce has to focus on what she does best — kill.[pullquote align=”right”]If you don’t get anything else from this review, just know — I’m in desperate need for book #3. Aguirre is killing me…[/pullquote]

Right? I don’t think I can correctly convey in a paragraph exactly what is going on in this book. Just know that it is completely different from the first book (but still wonderful), the main difference being that the focus of ‘Outpost’ is Deuce’s emotional transition from a single minded hive mind to an actual thinking, breathing human. Which started in ‘Enclave’ but now seems to becoming to fruition in ‘Outpost’ as she comes to realize that her rearing in College wasn’t exactly the “right” way and there may be more to life then just being a Huntress.

Ann Aquirre brought it in her usually kick-butt manor. She just jumped right in, no rehashing, and hardly any “flashbacks” — it was dive in and hold tight. She took characters that were already nicely developed and pushed them even further. I was also able to connect a bit more with Stalker and somewhat with Tegan, which I really enjoyed. Stalker is kind of a touchy character for me, but Aquirre puts it in perspective as to why he is the way he is and how Deuce justifies his friendship. I really liked that aspect of the book. Not everything is black and white and that is reiterated in almost every aspect of this book. There is nothing two dimensional about Ann Aguirre’s storytelling.

I can’t stop signing praises over Aguirre and her great series. If you haven’t experienced ‘Enclave’ yet, what are you waiting for? This series is not just a must read — it’s a HAVE TO READ or face desperate, book regret.

Recommended for fans of Young Adult Dystopian novels. If you like dark and gritty dystopian novels like The Hunger Games, Divergent and those types of great best-sellers, you’ll love Enclave.

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