Miss me…?

If you are not aware, both Patti and myself are both located in the Greater New Orleans area. There was a ridiculously devastating storm that blew through here last week. The Hurricane went by the evil name of Isaac, which will now go down on my grrr list of names, along with Katrina and a few male names that I happened to date for a long period of time, which I will not name because just remembering them makes me want to throw glass vases. Okay, I digress.

Well, Isaac was only a Cat 1, which in New Orleanian speak means break out the hurricane shutters and stockpile beer because it’s going to be a long night, but nothing to freak out over. Ridiculousness did ensue though, so much so, that I was having Katrina flashbacks as I watched low-lying parishes being overtaken by water as high as rooftops. Granted some of these areas were outside the levee protections (not within the protected Greater NOLA areas) but, even though these people lived in these areas, it doesn’t make what happened to them any less. Two adults lost their lives. Drowned in their own homes, unable to swim for safety and I heard countless stories of heroes that braved the storm in small skiffs to rescue families that were able to make it to their rooftops. To these people that went out into the storm like that, before even the actual trained search and rescue people could safely enter the area, my hats off, it always puts things in perspective.

Perspective, because, I personally went without power until last night (almost a full week) and was frothing at the mouth over the injustice. A very aggravating inconvenience, but nothing in comparison to what the people of Lower Plaquemines Parish and LaPlace went through and are still going through. But, I needed to explain my absence. This is the only time that this blog has fallen silent or missed a scheduled meme and I apologize. I am just now managing to get to the internet. I had to figure out how to set up a mobile hot spot (extra money on that wireless bill) and I’m just now getting reliable 4G service. It literally has been like the Dark Ages in New Orleans all over again. We are getting on our feet quicker than we did after Katrina, but boy, just a few days without the modern conveniences sure makes life a lot harder.

I’m only telling you guys all this to explain away my absence. My house does have electricity, but a fallen tree pulled part of the wires from the meter out, which happened to be the ground cable, something that grounds the house so static electricity doesn’t build up. Because of this, I’m not plugging in my computer or turning on my television. Everything is on the iPad. This does restrict me a bit. Hopefully that will get fixed soon — please please please. I’m having visions of myself getting electrocuted because I touched the light switch. Of course, I have no idea about the technicality of this situation, the Fire Department said we were okay, but I’m pretty sure they are being harassed by countless worried citizens for other reason.

Patti on the other hand also made it through the storm unscathed only having to go without power for a few days (enough to cause a bit of mental instability though). Last thing I heard she was going to have to clean out her deep freezer. I do feel for her…
The blog should be up and running at full speed shortly, but I don’t think I’ll be doing a DWW tomorrow. The #FF might just be a hop and not a feature, depending on how I can coordinate things.


Thank you to all the kind tweets and emails. You guys made things a bit brighter.

See you soon.