I suddenly realized there is a whole slew of books coming up soon that I’m dying to get my hot little hands on.  It seems to me that they come in bunches – there won’t be anything I’m really interested in for a few weeks and then BAM! I want every book released in a 3-week period…

So, what’s coming up that’s got my bookish heart all aflutter?  Quite a bit, actually.  Let’s take a look at some of the adult contemporary/erotic romance on my wish list:


Title: Close Enough to Touch
Author: Victoria Dahl
Type: Contemporary Romance
Published: August 28, 2012 by Harlequin HQN

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First off, this book is out in two days and I had no idea!!!  I was just checking around and stumbled across it.  I am a HUGE Victoria Dahl fangirl so I’m not sure how this one slipped past me.

For makeup artist Grace Barrett, Hollywood isn’t the land of golden opportunity. It’s the land of difficult divas, cheating boyfriends and unemployment. So when her great-aunt offers her a free place to stay in Jackson Hole, Grace thinks she’ll spend a little time in the sticks to figure out her life, and then move somewhere exciting to live out her dreams. But it turns out that there are a few more thrills in this small town than Grace was expecting….Cole Rawlins is a rugged Wyoming cowboy born and bred. Yet he can’t help but be drawn to the fascinating big-city girl who moves in across from him. He wants to get close enough to Grace to see past her tough facade, but if he does, she might see the real Cole. The one with a Hollywood history gone bad. As they discover a sizzling attraction, it becomes harder for him to keep his demons at bay—and those fires from long ago may burn them both.

They’ll need more than scorching-hot passion to make this opposites-attract affair work. But if they can learn to trust one another enough to reveal their secrets, they just might have a chance at forever.

Oh yes, this one will be mine!!!


Title: Playing to Win
Author: Jaci Burton
Type: Erotic/Contemporary Romance
Published: September 4, 2012 by Berkley Trade

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I am a huge fan of Ms. Burton’s Play by Play books, and not just because of those yummy covers!!  I really enjoy sports-themed romance and the first three books in the series were great, I’m excited to get ‘cousin’ Cole’s story.

Football star Cole Riley is notorious for doing as he pleases—on the field and off. He parties hard and fights harder, but if he doesn’t clean up his act, his career is over—so Cole reluctantly agrees to work with image makeover consultant Savannah Brooks. He’s not used to being told what to do, especially by some (admittedly hot) Southern belle. As for Savannah, she’s not convinced she can transform this cocky (and aggressively sexy) force of nature. But she’s determined to give it her best shot.

When the sparks start to fly, Savannah lays down the ground rules: no personal complications. If she can turn off the tingle she feels every time Cole gives her a hot stare with his gorgeous baby blues, he can turn off his desire as well. But for two people determined to have it all, a hands-off policy can only last so long before one of them yields.

Oh yes, this one’s going to be good…

Title: The Angel
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Type: Erotic Romance
Published: September 25, 2012 by Harlequin MIRA

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I absolutely LOVED the first book, The Siren, and cannot wait to read the follow up.

No safe word can protect the heart.  Infamous erotica author and accomplished dominatrix Nora Sutherlin is doing something utterly out of character: hiding. While her longtime lover, Søren—whose fetishes, if exposed, would be his ruin—is under scrutiny pending a major promotion, Nora’s lying low and away from temptation in the lap of luxury.

Her host, the wealthy and uninhibited Griffin Fiske, is thrilled to have Nora stay at his country estate, especially once he meets her traveling companion. Young, inexperienced and angelically beautiful, Michael has become Nora’s protégé, and this summer with Griffin is going to be his training, where the hazing never ends.

But while her flesh is willing, Nora’s mind is wandering. To thoughts of Søren, her master, under investigation by a journalist with an ax to grind. And to another man from Nora’s past, whose hold on her is less bruising, but whose secrets are no less painful. It’s a summer that will prove the old adage: love hurts.

Yes please!!!



Title: Tart
Author: Lauren Dane
Type: Erotic Romance
Published: November 6, 2012 by Berkley Trade

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I am a HUGE Lauren Dane fan:  Laid Bare is the book by which I judge all other erotic romance. Yes, it’s THAT good.  So, what to expect from Tart?

Juliet Lamprey is having the time of her life running her successful bakery, TART, when Gideon Carter comes back into her life. Returning home to help his grandfather run the family on the farm, Gideon is back for good. When they meet again, the spark between them is immediate, and it isn’t long before the former childhood friends play catch up in bed.

That’s not good news for local lawyer Cal Whaley. Though the sexually open but strictly monogamous Cal has loved Jules for a long time, he’s hardly ever taken it further than friendship. When he sees her start to fall for Gideon, he knows he has to make his move or risk losing her forever.

Who would have anticipated that all three of them would connect on such an intimate level? The trio’s scalding liaisons take them places they’ve never dreamed. But such an intensely passionate and unusual relationship comes with equally as complicated emotions, and when Jules must suddenly leave town, she wonders if she’ll have a choice to make when she returns.

I love good menage and Lauren Dane is the queen of erotic menage.  I am salivating at the thought of this book.



Title: Double Time
Author: Olivia Cunning
Type: Erotic Romance
Published: November 1, 2012 by Sourcebooks Casablanca

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Backstage Pass, Ms. Cunning’s debut book, blew me away!  There is a scene in that book that involves some pretty sexy songwriting, and it’s burned into my memory as one of my favorite sex scenes ever.  Double Time is Book 3 in the “Sinners on Tour” series:

Trey Mills, the notoriously sexy Sinners rhythm guitarist, gives up his bisexual lifestyle and is swept into a hot, heady romance with Reagan Elliot, a female rock star sensation. But when Trey encounters Reagan’s sexy bisexual roommate, Ethan Conner, he can no longer deny who he is or what he wants. Reagan heartily agrees to a solution that opens up a hot new world of sexual experience–and love–with the two men she wants the most.

I like Trey’s character and am pretty excited we’re getting his story.


So, those are some of the books on my wishlist… pretty steamy, I know  😆 Are there any hot contemporary/erotic romances I should add to my ‘must have’ list?