Last week, Parajunkee’s View polled over 200 Book Bloggers and asked them some serious questions. Questions that might be personal to each blog, or sometimes self-evident. The answers that were received were surprising. You might be interested to see what your other Book Bloggers feel about touchy subjects, or their blogs in general. Today’s Book Blogging 101 will be all the results.

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Handling Reviews, Authors & Posts

Book Bloggers Review DNFs?

Another topic of contention with Book Bloggers. To review a DNF or not to review a DNF. And like all touchy subjects this one again seems to be about 50/50 with the poll lying a little more to 51/49% split in favor of No DNFs.

What percentage of bloggers do you think only write positive reviews?

Again a big surprise with only 7% saying they only do positive reviews. Their main reason stated (6 out of 7) was that if they didn’t like the book, they don’t review it.
Only one person claimed they know what they like before they read it.


Snarky reviews can also be a topic of contention with book bloggers, some stating that a bit of snark can go a long way in insulting the author and the best way to do a review is to keep it professional. Whereas, there are some readers that want the professional reviews left to the “professional reviewers” and they want the snark. The majority of bloggers polled stated that they didn’t consider themselves snarky — but 36% of them did consider themselves snarky.

Author Call-Outs

With the recent drama induced scandals, there has been a few posts with the main goal of pointing out Bad Author Behavior. The fact that posts like this draw uber views, makes me want to know, how many bloggers will call an author out in regards to their badly written works, or their inappropriate behavior? About 27% of bloggers said they would, the rest would just leave the drama with their mama.

Have you ever NOT read a book because of an author’s behavior?

I wanted to know this, to see if these drama events actually impact sales. It would seem that they do, 52% of book bloggers polled said they wouldn’t read a book if the author acted inappropriately.

Have you ever read a book because of a NEGATIVE review?

This was posed because I know we say it all the time…even negative reviews sell books. But is it true?  Or something book bloggers spin to make author feel good about their 1 star review they just received. Obviously were are stating fact, because a whopping majority of 76% said they have read a book because of a negative review they read.

Did you know you would not like a book before you read it, but read it anyway?

Some people consider this bad blogger behavior, stating that some bloggers want to write a negative review, so they’ll grab a book they pretty much know they won’t like. Intentions of course, probably vary from reader to reader, but a majority of book bloggers, 66% said they have read a book they knew they wouldn’t like.

 Ever wanted to know the average amount of books, most book bloggers receive weekly?

The numbers might shock you, considering the majority answered “0”. I specifically asked that they did not include NetGalley or Edelwiess downloads.

Book Bloggers Review Weekly


Then out of all those books, how many of them are ARCs? I took the people that claimed “0” on the last question out, which left about 140 book bloggers that did get at least 1 or more books a week for review. Again the numbers were surprising:

ARCs Book BLogger


I personally can not understand a book blogger getting more than 5 books in a week on average. How does a person read that much? I would break under the pressure!! 😉

What do Book Bloggers Consider their Most Successful post?

I think this differs with each blogger, I have to say, mine is this Book Blogging 101 feature. But let’s take a look:


Other –

Author Interviews/Features, Blog Tours, Book Humor, Discussion Posts, DNF Posts, Discount Book Posts, Opinion Posts, Lists, True Blood

You would think those giveaways would be more popular right? So, I asked, how many enter Giveaways? Only 9% said they didn’t enter giveaways. You would think those posts would be more active. I am happy to see that Reviews are so very popular, though. Speaking of Giveaways also – I asked if people liked or disliked the Rafflecopter widget as far as using it for Giveaways and only 18% said they did not like it.

What conventions are big in the Book Blogging Community?

These are conventions that the book blogger plans on attending.

AAD – Authors After Dark
RWA – Romance Writers of America

Book Blogger COnventions



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