Last week, Parajunkee’s View polled over 200 Book Bloggers and asked them some serious questions. Questions that might be personal to each blog, or sometimes self-evident. The answers that were received were surprising. You might be interested to see what your other Book Bloggers feel about touchy subjects, or their blogs in general. Today’s Book Blogging 101 will be all the results.

Blogger Behaviors, Drama & Social Networking

Haul Memes

Some hate them, some swear by them, some think it is a way for Book Bloggers to rub it in how many ARCs they get. Here is what they really feel about Book Haul posts.

Book Hauls


When later asked about Blogger Jealousy — basically do you get Mad when you see a Book Blogger with an ARC you want, only 9% answered that yes, they did get mad.


There are some bloggers that make an ART out of the meme. There are some that have a NO MEME policies and others that say the only way to get people to go to their blog is by participating in a meme. But, what most agree on, is that there is a point where enough is enough. I asked for a number, and what I got was actually surprising. A good portion doesn’t even really care – this is what they responded with:


Independent Authors

Again with recent drama a lot of bloggers have come out to say they will not review Indie Authors, but does this just seem like the majority because of latest trends? The answer is that it is actually very RARE that a book blogger will refuse to read Indie Authors, the percentage is actually 13% saying NO indie authors. This should come as a relief to some authors.

Negative Review Feedback

When asked if they have ever had a bad reaction from a negative review, only about 22% answered yes. Which is a relief, so it is not that prevalent, but frankly I didn’t expect  it to be THAT high.

Book Blogger Turn-Offs

Ever wonder if you are doing something wrong? Scaring away potential followers? I asked for things that bother people the most when visiting a book blogger and this is what they had to say:

What bothers you the most about other book bloggers?


Other –

Badly written reviews (got a few votes on that one)
Dark Background, Light Text (got a few votes on that one)
Poor Design (got a few votes on that one)

The Scandal That Rocked The Book Blogger Community The Most

We all have our personal “favorites” – the thing that happened that made us rethink being a part of this group. I think each one might have affected us differently, but the fact of the matter is – in 2012 we are a different community then we were in 2011. So what do other book bloggers thing rocked our community the most? It would seem, still topping the list is the ugly of ugly, that nasty little case of Blogger Plagiarism that bombarded this community in April, by the blogger known as The Story Siren. And for you 2% that are completely unaware and want to inform yourself all you have to do is search “Book Blogger Plagiarism” in Google. Yet, while only 2% said they had no idea what any of these options were, still 55% claim they don’t pay attention to the drama. I guess these were too big to ignore.

Scandel rocks the book blogger world


 Tag You’re It

Award posts, or basically just tag memes, are a touchy subject with some bloggers. Book Bloggers might even go so far to say their blog is an “Award Free Zone.” Yet, beginning bloggers might use Awards as an in to get Bigger Bloggers to come and visit them.  What become very clear though, in this survey — bloggers don’t like Awards… with a whammy of 82% saying they DO NOT participate in Awards or Tag posts.

Social Networks

Only two people answered that they weren’t on Twitter, yet 33% do not have Facebook Fan Pages.

Following and Reading

When asked about how many blogs people follow the majority came back with over 500! Second on that list was 200 – 500, yet in that number, they might follow that many, but only check up regularly on about 10 blogs. That is a huge difference. And while I applaud the people that answered they check up regularly on 100+ blogs – the ones that answered were very few. Less than 5%.

Increasing Followers

If you want to be one of those 500+ in someone’s readers, book bloggers listed what works best for them as far as increasing their numbers.



Best Books Read This Year!

I only listed books that had more then two entries.


That about covers it kids…I hope you learned something, or maybe just reaffirmed your stance on different subjects. If you think my data is wrong, let me know!