Last week, Parajunkee’s View polled over 200 Book Bloggers and asked them some serious questions. Questions that might be personal to each blog, or sometimes self-evident. The answers that were received were surprising. You might be interested to see what your other Book Bloggers feel about touchy subjects, or their blogs in general. Today’s Book Blogging 101 will be all the results.

Blog Size, Pageviews & Advertising Myths

Do you consider yourself a serious blogger?

Some blogs take themselves too seriously, others could care less, they are just doing it for fun. I’m actually surprised at the amount of bloggers that are “in it to win it” as far as taking what they are doing seriously. I would have thought more approached this as a spare-time hobby. But, with these results only about 20% approach Book Blogging as a hobby.

Serious Blogger?

Blogging only Books?

The answer was about 50/50 – the 50 that don’t blog only books could do anything from Movies, to Blogging Tips, to products.

Size of their Book Blog

Now, this questions was very abstract. This is what they consider themselves. And as we know, some people view themselves a little differently then other’s view them. For example, I would consider myself a Medium to Large blog, based on pageviews and followers. Mega blogs are in the category of Perez Hilton, ProBlogger — blogs like that, they are getting 20k hits a day. The one person that answered Mega on this question, marked they get about 1K of pageviews daily. A good haul, but IMHO I wouldn’t consider that Mega. Also, a few medium bloggers reported that they get less than 100 pageviews, reverse that with categorized small blogs reporting they get anywhere from 10K+ pageviews to 2K-3K. Now, I can assume that they didn’t understand what a pageview was – or they have categorized themselves wrong.

Size Matters in Blogs


The only thing that surprised me as far as this question was the amount of people that reported above 1K hits daily. I thought there would be more in the 1K – 2K range and a lot less above that. With the amount of Newbie and Small blogs out there, though, I did believe that the biggest reports would be in that under 300 pageviews daily. So, all of you that ask that question, what should a good page view goal be? –> 301 daily – you’ve reached a milestone with that number.



Type of Book Blog

Common perception is that YA Bloggers are the majority – or could it be that they are just more “in your face?” Nope — it’s true, YA Bloggers take the cake as far as numbers, with Anything Goes in close second.



Other –

Dark Stuff. No Fluff., Religious

Book Blogs that Accept Advertising

Now accepting advertising and actually getting advertising is another story all together — but again, only about 20% of book blogs accept adverting. With the standard going rate of 30K monthly for worthwhile advertising (marketing advice given to advertisers by companies like BlogAds) – that means about 10% of blogs accepting advertisers are doing so a little too early in their blogging career. Statistically speaking, again this is a personal choice that bloggers should make on their own.

What do you think about Book Bloggers that accept advertising?

This can be a hot topic, some readers report that they can’t trust blogs with advertisers, some say they could care less. This was an answer I was very interested in seeing the results of and the answers did surprise me. Personally, the fact that there was only 1 person that marked they couldn’t trust a person with advertising on their blog was an eye opener.

Affiliate Links?

I had assumed that most book bloggers use affiliate links, even if they don’t make any money. The fact that almost half said they didn’t use affiliate links (100 Book Bloggers reported they DID NOT use Affiliate links)  was actually surprising. I started just for the simple fact – if it bought me 1 .99¢ book on I would be happy. Now, whether bloggers don’t use the affiliate links because they don’t want to be bothered, don’t like the morality of pimping their blog, or just don’t know how — well I guess that is a poll for another blog.

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