PJV Quickie: I have never felt so moved by a main characters — and I still do not know his name. The Day By Day Armageddon series is a must read series for fans of Zombies!

Beyond Exile, zombie fictionTitle: Beyond Exile
JL Bourne
Series: Day by Day Armageddon #2
Genre: Adult, Horror, Zombies
Published: January 1st 2010
Rating: 5 Stars Author Web  Twitter Purchase


Rock my world! Zombies, Marines in Light Armored Vehicles rolling over them and a clinically precise Naval Officer documenting the whole shebang. The Day by Day Armageddon series is a wet dream for zombie fans that don’t want to be distracted by things like romance or fuzzy bunny non-realistic turn of events that some authors think will happen if zombies happen to pop into existence.  So, what does J.L. Bourne think is a realistic outcome if a zombie outbreak does occur? Nuked cities, irradiated dead, rogue military operations, roving bands of marauding humans…and survivors that will do whatever it takes to stay alive.

In the second  book of the Day by Day Armageddon series, ‘Beyond Exile’, we are still in the head of our nameless officer, who continues to recount his experience in a very militaristic style. By the end of ‘Day by Day Armageddon’ he had somewhat relaxed his rigidity and his “civvie speak” was showing a bit more in his writing, but in ‘Beyond Exile’ the USMC makes an appearance and our narrator is brought back into the fold of the military. The narrator falls back into his clinical approach of narration  style as he is sent on missions and takes command of the operation he started at Hotel 23. Things are actually starting to even out as the base brings in more military personnel and civilians from other safe zones.  A lot is accomplished within the span of the novel, the narrator brings in more survivors and starts to recruit military personnel to improve his situation. But, like all good things, they literally come crashing down and the narrator finds himself alone in a world where the dead want nothing more than to feast upon him.

I think for some these novels might be a bit too much, especially if you need a lighter side within the gore. This novel did not let up and emotional conclusions were not at the forefront of the authors intended accomplishments. The emotions explored in the novel are all mostly fear based. The narrator of the book does so within journal entries and a lot of his writing is done while hunkered down and hiding from the dead, which the author accomplished almost perfectly. You can almost feel the anxiety, tension and fear radiating off the pages all within the macho package of our hero. But, I do believe the author used his real world experiences as a military officer deployed in the Middle East as inspiration. Sometimes brainless zombies would be easier to face then thinking, calculating, human enemies with guns pointed in your direction.

Why the four star? For one the novel did drag at parts, when he was alone and just when I thought we might see his more human side emerge again the novel took a quick veer to the right which had my head spinning and thinking I might have skipped a chapter. But, still a favorite in my book.


This is a must read recommendation from Parajunkee’s View! It is not recommended that you read this novel first, while not entirely needed, I think you will establish a better emotional connection with the hero if you read the first novel. Fans of zombies will eat this one up. There is violence, but I wouldn’t see anything wrong with giving this to your mature teen. With the militaristic style and male POV this might be a good novel to coax your teenage boy into reading.

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