The Hunger Games, iTunes DVD Review

PJV Quickie: I had originally intended to go the usual route and just purchase the latest DVD from Wal-Mart or another Big Box electronics store, but logic intervened because then I would have to actually leave the house. iTunes offers an alternative to Blue-Ray in the form of their HD version and while not as good as the Blue-Ray version of the movie (yet both are priced the same), the convenience of immediate download makes for a compelling pro. I do have to say that I downloaded the 720p version, instead of the 1080p – so I would have probably been more impressed with the 1080 quality.

Title: The Hunger Games
Version: iTunes Exclusive HD Digital Download

With the Movie download you received a TON of what is touted as iTune extras, but not a lot that I haven’t already seen following the website, the Facebook page and other outlets that showcases The Hunger Games. The good thing about it now, was that it is all in one place. They do have a lot of interviews with Gary Ross and the producers on the film, behind the scenes casting, those sort of things. I really enjoyed those interviews, especially with Gary Ross. They also have fun interactive showcases on the other tributes, capitol fashion, Panem which would be perfect for those that haven’t read the book or are complete THG fans.

I personally am set up well for an iTunes movie download. I can hook up my laptop to my television for easy playback and I also own an iPad, iPhones etc. This format works very well for me, but might not for others that have iTunes only on their stationary computers. My pro is that I don’t have to add to my DVD shelves (which are already overflowing) and this way I can have it on my Phone or iPad any time I want it, which you don’t get if you purchase a DVD (except the ones that come with Digital Copy – which seem to be few and far between). When I purchased the Breaking Dawn DVD I actually had to buy a crack software so I could get it on my iPad. I wanted to watch it on the plane and I had paid close to $25 on the special edition which I had assumed came with a digital edition. Not so. This way I know what I’m getting. No, I don’t get a pretty box with lace, or an actual DVD, but I know this digital edition will not be scratched and with my OCD back-up habits, along with iTunes cloud, I shouldn’t lose it. And for a girl that lost her entire beloved DVD collection around 2005 I would have loved to have those backed up on the cloud.