What are pageviewsHow to increase page views on your blog.

Don’t we all want to know how to do this?

*note: in this post, pageviews and page views will be used, not to confuse readers but as keyword saturation.

But, honestly, I do suggest to newbies and start-up bloggers to NOT focus on the numbers, but on the quality of their content first and foremost. If you are too busy trying to drive traffic your content will suffer and content is what drives traffic, so you’ll be in this terribly tragic circle of unresponsive readers. No one wants to visit a blog that is just full of fluff and gimmicks. I understand that writing quality posts without the benefit of reaction and readership seems like a wasted effort, but we all must start somewhere and nothing comes easily and quickly.

If, you feel it is time and you do want to focus on page views here are my two suggestions for increasing your pageviews:

  1. Quality & Smart SEO Content

  2. Targeted Networking


Quality & Smart SEO Content to Increase Pageviews

SEOWhat do these things have to do with each other? Quality content keeps visitors. If you do get someone to visit your blog, you want them to stay and maybe come back right? You can achieve this by offering your reader pertinent information and then on top of that information, interlinking your blog post with other related posts that they might be interested in. This will get them to stay, click links and maybe come back for more later.

Interlink your posts, this is done by linking your post to your other posts that are related. Have you reviewed this author before? Link to that review. Also, install a related post widget to get them to possibly click onto other posts you’ve written.

Just know, that doing any of this is not going to work unless you have good quality stuff to read. Why would I visit a blog that is all memes? Why would I visit a blog that just regurgitates the synopsis? I can’t tell you why, because I would not. You want readers like me, readers that are visiting your blog to be informed, not the ones that are– “Just stopping by to say hi! Here is my *link*” Those readers are just coming to promote their own post and while this might convert a few to loyal readers your target should be people that are coming to read your opinions and ideas.

So what is good quality content that will help you increase page views?

Increase Page Views or readers will wonder whyEmotional, Passionate and a bit of humor, pair that with quality writing skills and that my friend is the key to a successful post. But, that could be anything right? So, what specifically?


Try to coin a catchy headline. If someone is just scrolling through their Reader Feed — what will catch their attention? Make sure the headline conveys the gist of the post, is short and sweet, stands-out and promotes an action or a sense of urgency.

What headline would get your attention more?

Page views – Go Viral or Go Invisible


How to increase your page views.


Stick to topics that people are interested in. I know we are review blogs, but I do know that if I review a book that is not well known, I do not get many hits. You can tailor your reviews to popular titles. Hell, review ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ it’s one of the highest searched books ever…it might get you a few hits. Do you want to do this though? Tailor your reading to popularity contests? That is something you need to rectify with yourself and your blog goals. Think about what you want to achieve. If page views are a overall goal, then yes, read popular books and post reviews on those books. If you do not believe page views are worth the integrity of your reading choices, than don’t do it. Maybe try something else that might get page views.


Make sure your blog post is unique. Make your reviews or other posts stand-out from the crowd. Set-up your reviews differently, do something out of the box. Just own it and make it work for you.

Bad GrammarProof-read!

Make sure that the post is ship shape and as free of spelling and grammar issues as possible. I know it is sometimes hard to do, but if your blog post looks like a hyped up teenager wrote it with spell-check turned off — well your readers might not stay as long as you would like. (No offense to hyped up teenagers!)

Targeted Networking

Get Social. Get on Facebook. Get on Twitter. Start chatting, sending out links, making friends!

Comment on other sites. Make friends, say hi. Join a blogger group.

Offer to write guest posts for other bloggers with a little more street cred. Offer to write reviews, things like that. Some bloggers are stressed with posting overload, this might be a welcome relief.

Join group memes or blog hops. But, make sure that you don’t do to0 many or this might impact that Quality Content we talked about earlier.

Host a contest.

Join book blogger social network sites and post in forums.

Just get out there and start sending your link out…but don’t spam! Unsolicited linkage will get you marked as a spammy blogger. You don’t want to do that.

Ok — get out there and start producing Quality Content!

This post inspired by Cheryl’s question: “I want to get more hits on my blog and I really don’t know how.”

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Net Galley Gets a makeover.

On Tuesday NetGalley posted on their Facebook page that they were expecting a makeover. View image here. [Source]

This blogger just has to say “About Time!” That site had to update their User Friendliness big time. I’m hoping that they also chose to update their servers, because it was as slow as molasses.

Bloggy Awards Announces Official Nominees

On Tuesday the nominations were tallied and The Bloggy Awards announced their official nominees. Parajunkee’s View did get a few nominations, but so did a lot of other fabulous blogs, including some of my own personal faves like Fiktshun, Cuddlebuggery, The Bookish Brunette, Red Hot Books, Under the Covers, The Book Nympho — ok too many to name. [source]

Parajunkee needs some help.

Because of my nomination, they are asking me to provide referrals from other bloggers. I need:

  • A few words on how I am a helpful blogger (can you tell me in comments how these BB101s helped you in your blogging endeavors?)
  • A few words on how creative this blog is…if you don’t think so, you don’t have to.

I also need all of you to fill out a survey for me, I’m going to post the results in next weeks BB101 post — I figure it is all information that we will want to know. I will only post averages and none of your specific information will be shared at all. Fill out survey. I am also offering a giveaway to people that fill it out. Bribery works!

Questions for my Readers:

What works for you as far as page views? The type of post etc.

Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.

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