Vampire Young Adult FictionPJV Quickie: This might actually be the last Morganville Book I read. I do like the series, but I only like it, I wasn’t blown away with the characters or felt any strong emotions for the characters and for a long series that I have a few more books ahead of me in, I don’t think I will waste the time investment.

Title: Midnight Alley
Authors: Rachel Cain
Series: Morganville Vampires #3
Type: Young Adult Paranormal, Vampire Young Adult Fiction
Publication: September 5th 2008 by Allison & Busby
Library borrow.
Rating: 5 Stars

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A few things have changed since we last were visiting with Claire, she is now under the protection of Amelie who is basically telling her she needs to do a few things in order to keep herself and her friends safe. One of those things is to become an apprentice to one of the oldest and creepiest vampires in Morganville, who is also on the better part of crazy. On top of the ancient vampire plot thread, people are turning up dead, her friends are at odds with each other and I actually don’t think I remember Claire going to one “real” class. Another day in Morganville…

I did like the last book, but I have to say, this book is just like another repeat. I haven’t developed any major attachments to any of the kids (which is terrible for a third book!). Or any feelings of hopefulness as far as a Claire/Shane or Eve/Michael romance. I personally don’t think any of them belong together. Eve shouldn’t be dating a vampire and Shane and Claire, well Claire just acts way too young and Shane is way too moody. Obviously I do have strong feelings about the characters, just not in a positive direction.

Caine’s ideas though are fabulous. She has this great world that is interesting and creepy. Just her main characters are not likable. Caine also has her characters act out of character to move events along in the plot, which is just aggravating and what I call sloppy or lazy writing. Why would Claire tutor Monica’s friend? Why? It was a stupid series of events that was just there to get Claire moving in a certain direction. That girl did push her down the stairs, right? Besides all these obvious problems, for some reason I do feel compelled to read on to find out what is going on…even though I have a feeling that Claire will continue to do stupid things, even though she is soooo smart (her smartness has never rung true for me). Shane will continue to be moody and Eve and Michael will continue to be tertiary characters that do very little but show up for big moments to act all cool and mysterious.  It is what it is. People have said to continue to read this series, it is great as it continues, but I don’t know if I want to invest more money or time into a series that I’m not enjoying the characters. I mean, by the time I was at book three in Vampire Academy I was an emotional wreck…

On a side note, I still haven’t figured out which character is featured on the book covers…any clue?

To read or not to read book four people?


You must read book two, this is not a stand-alone. For young adults 14+, there are some violent occurrences and Claire and Shane do have some passionate scenes, nothing overly graphic though. Must like vampire fiction, urban fantasy type novels.

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