PJV Quickie: I went into this anthology only previously having read, Ilona Andrews and now I have at least two more authors I have to catch up with!

Title: Hexed
Author: Ilona Andrews, Yasmine Galenorn, Allyson James, Jeanne C. Stein
Series: Includes stories from Kate Daniels, Sisters of the Moon, Stormwalker & Anna Strong Chronicles
Type: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
I really have forgotten how I got this copy…bad PJ!
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First, let me explain that some of these novellas were very far out in the series I didn’t expect to get into them, not having read the series. All of these authors have been on my must read series list, just time constraints have all been a problem. (Don’t we all know it!) My main focus was ‘Magic Dreams’ which was a part of the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, which I adore. But, I found that you didn’t have to read Kate Daniels to get into this novella. It is about Dali and Jim and a little demon butt-kicking adventure. I recommend the Kate Daniels series, but this is a good way to see if you will enjoy Andrews writing style.

‘Double Hexed’ by Allyson James is next on the list and also from a series I’m not familiar with. This was the one that made me want to go out and grab this series and start from the beginning. It was funny at times and rather crazy and the story was creative. It was about a girl and her friends that are trapped in a ‘Hexed’ hotel room by a very evil wizard. Fun.

Then, ‘Blood Debt’ by Jeanne C. Stein, who pens the Anna Strong Chronicles also made me want to read on. Stein was on a panel that I had the pleasure of attending and I’ve wanted to check out her series since then and this book just furthered my want. It was about Anna though, so I had a bit of regret, thinking I was cheating — and worrying that I might have insight in the series if I start back at number one. But, that is just me and my oddness.

Finally, ‘Ice Shards’ by Yasmine Galenorn which is within the Sisters of the Moon series. I haven’t read any of Galenorn’s writing before, well I did start one of her series, but DNFd the book because of lack of interest. My main deal with her series is that they are so large, so encompassing that they are sometimes too much mythology. This book is about a house sprite named Iris. It was a competent story and makes me want to check out the Sisters of the Moon series, but it is not high up on my TBR pile.

Overall it was a great anthology and a wonderful way to check out similar authors that I hadn’t read before that write within the genre that I love. If you are a fan of any of the series, this would be a good book to check out.

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