Day Break by Ellen Connor, Dystopian RomancePJV Quickie: Daybreak by Ellen Connor is the final in the Dark Age Dawning Series and unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the others. The story and plot were up to par with the rest of the series, I believe my lack of verve revolved around the main characters.

Title: Daybreak
Author: Ellen Connor
Series: Dark Age Dawning Book 3
Type: Dystopian Romance/Paranormal Romance
Signed copy purchased at RT Convention.
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The final book in the series covers the final two characters, that were introduced in the first book. The children. Tru and Pen. Now all grown up, Pen is a legendary character, known for her magic, she is considered to be goddess-like and revered by the survivors. She is also on a mission, take down the O’Malley organization and end the human trafficking and other nasty crimes that they are profiting in. Tru is another story, he has embraced his shifter side, but has become completely selfish and driven to only look after his own needs. By chance, Tru and Pen meet again and Pen is not impressed with the man Tru has become. But, she needs him to take down O’Malley. Tru doesn’t care about O’Malley, but he is kind of interested in Pen…so he decided to go along with her plan.

Look, I hate talking bad about this book, because I adored the first two books in this series. But, I just did not connect with Tru and Pen at all. First, I found Pen to be almost emotionless. She was driven and focused and when she did start getting close to Tru, I just found it to be lackluster. Tru on the other hand was the typical rake, selfish and handsome, which is why I didn’t understand why he stuck around. I liked him better then Pen and wondered where the fascination was. I assumed it was because of their prior association, but I just didn’t connect with the progression from tolerance to love. So, overall, I really enjoyed the story, but this was supposed to be a romance and the romance wasn’t there for me. I do recommend reading this series and hopefully you will feel it where I didn’t.


Read the first two before taking this one on. You could probably skip number two, but the book was good, so don’t do that. Adults only, this book is very sexual and there is a considerable amount of violence. Fans of the Kate Daniels series might find this one very like-able.

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