Fall TV Line-up 2012 – 2013 Season

New Shows to look for, coming this Fall.

New Primetime Line-up

I’m actually not that impressed with what is new on the roster this season, but who knows, I could be surprised. Every-time I look forward to a show it ends up tanking…

Fall 2012 Televisions Shows666 Park Avenue

The studio that brought us Gossip Girl has come up with a paranormal version, a kind of  The Devil’s Advocate and Gossip Girl combined. The story follows a certain apartment complex, The Drake and a wholesome, corn-bred, couple that moves to NYC to manage the building. What they don’t know is that the building is straight-up evil and while the tenants think all their dreams are being full-filled, they are actually losing their souls. Vanessa Williams and the guy from Lost are the only faces I recognize. With the horror and paranormal themes, I really don’t see this one having staying-power.

Trailer | Sundays, 10/9c

Animal Practice and Guys with Kids

NBC also has a new Wednesday line-up with two comedies and a drama.

Animal Practice and Guys with Kids are basically what their names suggest. About a vet clinic and about a bunch of guys with kids. Go creative titling. The only thing that Guys with Kids seems to have going for it, is that it is created by Jimmy Fallon.


Now, this is the one I’m looking forward to. Arrow, is the story of billionaire Oliver Queen, or as he is better known, The Green Arrow. The trailer is by far the most drooling that I’ve done over a clip since Magic Mike…I’m a sucker for tortured Super Heroes and the Green Arrow is one of my favorite. I was also a big fan of the CW’s Smallville, they seem to know their way around a superhero.

Trailer | Wednesdays 8/7c


Beauty and the Beast

Smallville’s Kristen Kreuk is back in CWs Beauty and the Beast. She plays a very capable police officer who was saved by a mysterious stranger a few years earlier. On a case she realizes that the mysterious stranger is actually a doctor that was reported KIA   in Afghanistan. But, he really isn’t dead, he is actually living off the grid because he turns into a beast when he gets angry.

Trailer | Thursdays 9/8c

Ben & Kate / The Mindy Project

Fox will be airing an all Comedy night, with Raising Hope, The New Girl, Ben & Kate and The Mindy Project on Tuesday nights. Ben & Kate is about an irresponsible older brother that moves in with his very responsible younger sister to help her raise her five year old. And then The Mindy Project is from the genre of single, bizarre character carries the whole show…and features Mindy, who might be a very up-and-coming young doctor, but she is rather socially awkward. The show will be about her working on her eccentricities or from what I can tell, very weird behaviors.

BK Trailer | TMP Trailer | Tuesdays

Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire is a very action packed drama that NBC has lined up for Wednesday night, it will follow SVU and it showcases the lives of Chicago Firefighters. The creator of Chicago Fire (NBC and their titles this season!) is Dick Wolf who also created Law & Order. From what is being written about the show, he took great pains to embrace the realism of being a firefighter, even screening the pilot to CFD firefighters and filming the show in the Windy City. I think I might tune in — and not because they show a shirtless Taylor Kinney.

Trailer | Wednesdays 10/9c


CWs psychological thriller, scheduled tentatively for mid-season 2013. Cult is about a television show that is actually some kind of killer group that sucks you in and doesn’t let you out…from what I can tell.

Trailer | 2013

Sherlock Holmes for TVElementary

I’m showing my age, but I am a big fan of Johnny Lee Miller (well when he isn’t shooting heroine and digging through toilets) because of the movie Hackers. Major crushing over that one in high school. Or that might have been grammar school. Again showing my age. Well Johnny Lee Miller is playing a modern day Sherlock and Lucy Liu is his Watson. Sounds interesting, even though I’m not that big of a fan of Lucy Liu, she is just so emotionless. I will be DVRing this one though and hopefully it will be a hit. It’s Elementary my dear Watson…

Trailer | Thursdays 10/9c

Emily Owens M.D.

The CW needed a medical drama so they bring you Emily Owens M.D. and to cater to their teenage audience that they seem to lurve…they make Emily Ownes job as an intern an almost trip back to high school…with all the bad behavior. Isn’t this true?

Trailer | Tuesdays 9/8c

The Following

A midseason show will be starring Kevin Bacon and is another FBI catches serial killer type of show. But, this one seems to pull in a few Silence of the Lambs type themes and I’m hoping will be more freaky than NCIS type crime dramas. I’m looking forward to checking this one out.

Trailer | 2013

The Goodwin Games

The Goodwin Games is another midseason show on FOX which will revolve around a group of siblings and the hoops their deceased father puts them through so they can inherit his $23 million dollar estate. The original theme might set it a part from the rest of the lawyer, doctor and police dramas, hopefully.

Trailer | 2013

Go On

Matthew Perry’s new show actually looks pretty funny. I was never a huge Friends fan, but I did love the character of Chandler. That is my type of socially awkward. Go On is Matthew Perry in a group counseling situation and he seems to take over the group and approach it in a very different way. Who doesn’t like to watch funny crazy people? But, of course, like other NBC shows — there is always some underlying social issue. This one — texting while driving! Evil texters.

Trailer | Tuesdays 9/8c

Last Resort

Airing before ABCs Grey’s Anatomy, Last Resort seems like a very long-reaching story about a Submarine crew that is ordered to fire it’s nuclear weapons on Pakistan. When asked to confirm the missile launch the Colorado is targeted by the US and nearly destroyed. The crew manages to escape destruction and hides out on a tropical island while they try to figure out what treachery landed them there and how to get back in the good graces of the U.S. They also find a bit of romance? :S I think I might be skipping this one.

Trailer | 2013

Made in Jersey

Snookie gets a law degree and is hired by a big name law firm? Oh wait, no, sorry…this one is about a smart Jersey girl that happens to be a lawyer. Because again — there are not enough law shows about smart lawyer women trying to make it in a man’s world.

Trailer | Friday 9/8c

Malibu Country

This one is being touted by critics as the upcoming flop of the season. It is basically created and starred in by Reba McEntire. It’s about a Tennessee singer who gave up her career for her husband who later cheated and lied to her. She divorces him and moves to their Malibu home. It is sort of a Beverly Hill Billies for the modern age…

Trailer | 2013

The Mob Doctor

Rather obvious title. Chick doctor has to doctor the mob. Frankly, haven’t we had enough mob shows and doctor shows. I guess to switch things up they squish ’em together. The trailer does look rather on the dark side though, which gives it a plus.

Trailer | Mondays 9/8c

The Neighbors, ABC, Fall 2012The Neighbors and Nashville

ABC Wednesday’s will have The Neighbors and Nashville

The Neighbors is being dubbed the WTF of the fall line-up by The EW and I might have to agree. It just looks bizarre. I guess someone was watching reruns of Alf and the Cone-heads and decided to create a new Alien comedy. And the aliens are just bizarre. I mean, I loved me some Third Rock From the Sun – but they never cried green slime from their ears.

Nashville is taking Revenge’s slot and is basically a primetime soap about country music. Twang is in baby…it looks very dramatic and geared towards an older crowd and is actually from the creator of Thelma & Louise.

The Neighbors Trailer | Nashville Trailer | Wednesdays


The New Normal

NBCs way to educate America on more alternative lifestyles. This could either be a very funny and quirky take on alternative lifestyles, if they embrace the carefree way Glee does it, (which it is a possibility because it is by Glee creator Ryan Murphy) or it could just be a big flop because it will look like NBC just trying to push it’s audience a bit further than it wants to go (with more of the social issues of the current political environment). There is already talk of boycotts and things of that nature and the show hasn’t even premiered yet. I hope it does live up to the nature of Glee! But, even in the trailer they have the mixed up racist messages…so I kind of doubt it. (Can’t be judgmental about minorities, but we can stereotype Southern and Midwestern people).


The creators of Will and Grace have come up with basically a remake of Will and Grace, they just mixed up the genders. Grace has been substituted with a straight male and instead of a drunk, rich, white women, they have a hispanic lady as the comic relief. From what I can tell Jack has been reincarnated — but I didn’t see a clip with the partner of the main gay guy — so you never know. I really enjoyed Will and Grace and thought it was ground breaking and hilarious and I hope they imbue that type of comedy into this one, but it is giving off a very similar feel.

Trailer | Mondays 8:30/7:30c


NBCs eggs are all in this basket. The Hunger Games of the small screen? JJ Abrams (yeah really!) is bringing dystopian to the small screen, Revolution is about the world suddenly going dark. No more electricity. Poof. Then — fast-forward fifteen years later and life is sort of normal, just without electricity. Like any good dystopian, though, there is an underlying tension and it is shown when the main character, Charlie’s father is taken by militiamen and killed. Now Charlie has to go on a journey to find answers as to what happens. They are labeling it a coming of age / science fiction drama.

Trailer | Mondays 10/9c


Another “older” actor, Dennis Quaid comes back to the small screen in this period piece about 1960s Las Vegas and the local sheriff that has to deal with the mafia that is embedded in the town. The show also stars Michael Chiklis, which is sure to make it a little over-the-top (can’t be a police drama without Chiklis!).

Trailer | 2013