Who doesn’t like free reads? If I wasn’t a book blogger I could probably subsist on the Free Kindle Reads on Amazon alone. Well, I’m exaggerating, because the free kindle reads do exactly what they were intended to do — get me to read the rest of the serie, or more from the author. Here is my latest Kindle Freebie Grab…

Free Kindle BookTitle: Crux
Author: Moria Rogers
Series: Southern Arcana #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Samhain
Deal or Duped? DEAL!

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I have read Moira Rogers before, so this was sort of cheating, I knew I wasn’t going to be Duped. I haven’t read any of their Southern Arcana series though and actually hadn’t heard of it. Set in New Orleans? What!? A definite download. The story is an introduction to the paranormal world of New Orleans, a veritable safe-haven for shifters, spell-casters and other specials like empaths. The plot follows a girl named Mackenzie who is on the run for her life. She lands in New Orleans, tending bar for Nicole Peyton. Because of Nick’s fierce protective instinct and the fact she believes Kenzie might be a shifter, she asks Jackson Holt to trail the girl to make sure everything is copacetic in Mackenzie’s world. Jackson finds that Mackenzie’s world is anything but, right. She is living in a flea bag, flooded motel, scared beyond words and barely holding on. Jackson doesn’t know what draws him to the girl, but once he decides to help her, he is not letting her go…no matter how insane Mackenzie thinks he is, or how forbidden their potential romance might be.

A Free Kindle Book you don’t want to pass up.

A Moira Rogers book is always a fun, sexy roller coaster of emotions. I always wonder, while reading, why I haven’t devoured all of their books yet…oh yeah, time! This one was no different. I was instantly smitten with Jackson and I just wanted to give Kenzie a big old hug. I’m really glad this little promotion was going on for the first book — because now it will prod me to read the rest of the series (six books, including some novellas). I’m excited to read Nicole’s story next, because she was a very prominent secondary character and the romance that will be featured in the second book was hinted at in the first one (so stay in order!).

Recommended for fans of paranormal romance, for mature readers.