Kiss of the Highlander, Karen Marie MoningPJV Quickie: Please pause while I fan myself…this audiobook was smoking hot. Karen Marie Moning’s swoon-worthy heroes, paired with Phil Gigante’s sexy voice makes for an epic listen.

Title: Kiss of the Highlander
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Series: Highlander #4
Type: Adult, Paranormal Romance, Historical
Published: first published  2001 by Dell
AudioBook Review, purchased via Audible
Narrator: Phil Gigante
Rating: 5 Stars

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‘Kiss of the Highlander’ was a little bit funny, a lot of fun and very sexy. Our smoking Scottish laird is trapped in a very long sleep in a cave, just like 500 years, when a woman literally falls on top of him and awakens him. Believing he is still in the sixteenth century, a girl on top of him in only a pair of shorts is basically a written invitation. Gwen isn’t having it though, Drustan MacKeltar might be sex-on-a-stick hotness, but he’s stubborn as hell and very frustrating. The problem is, how is she supposed to get out of this cavern? Then, as she realizes his story about how he is from the sixteenth century has to be true — how does she get him back to his home?

It of course has a lot of romance, a lot of sexy and some very fun moments. My favorite had to be the changing room scene when she was trying to get him in some jeans. I was laughing out loud and wishing that I could fall into a cavern on top of a Scottish laird…

Repeat after me… “Swoon-Worthy Read.” If you have partaken in Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series, get your petunias to the book store.


You can start the series at this book without a backwards glance. Drustan MacKeltar starts the MacKeltar books and the next one is Dageus MacKeltar, which is Drustan’s twin. Also a great book. Adults only of course. Time travel romance, a good Paranormal romance cross-over. Fans of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series should read these since some of the characters cross-over. Fans of authors like Nora Roberts should also enjoy. (Sorry these are my first Highlander books so I don’t have others to compare them too).

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