PJV Quickie: While I normally love romances with an “enemies to friends” storyline, I found the characters in Can’t Buy Me Love were overly antagonistic and unlikable.  This book was a DNF for me.


Title: Can’t Buy Me Love
Author: Molly O’Keefe
Type: Romance
Published: June 26, 2012 by Bantam (Random House)
Source:  Received from Publisher
[xrr rating=0/5 imageset=blue_star]DNF

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Luc Baker is a hotshot hockey star who’s doctor has just given him the news that he’s only got one year of actively playing hockey left.  He’s debating what to do about it, because hockey is his life, when his sister informs him a gold-digger has her clutches all over their father.  Luc hates his father with a passion, and rightfully so since his father was abusive and made Luc’s childhood miserable.  He doesn’t want to go back to see his father, but Luc’s sister is broke and she can’t afford to lose her inheritance to this new “fiancee”.

Tara Jean Sweet has been working for Luc’s father designing leather fashions, and has turned his once-floundering company into a thriving, profitable business.  Luc’s father is very sick and wants to see his children again before he dies, so he asks Tara Jean to pose as his fiancee to lure them back home.

Tara Jean and Luc hate each other on sight, but underneath the mutual dislike is a smouldering attraction.  Neither wants to be anywhere near the other, but the stipulations of Luc’s father’s will are going to make that impossible…


I was pretty excited about Can’t Buy Me Love; I’m normally a sucker for a hockey player hero.  Unfortunately, after reading about half of the book I had to put this one down.  The characters were difficult to like; I never developed any sort of affection for them.  I found Luc to be kind of a selfish jerk, and although he did go back to see his father in an effort to support his sister, his attitude really didn’t change.  I also had problems with Luc’s sister, who was willing to allow her son to have a relationship with her physically abusive father in the hopes that it would clinch her inheritance.  Tara Jean was, in turns, scared, mean, or depressed.   The instant attraction between Tara Jean and Luc was difficult to believe as they spent most of their time thinking ugly thoughts about each other.

I think overall the characters were just too intense for my taste.



Readers who enjoy a flawed heroine and a grumpy hero, and have the patience to enjoy their journey to redemption.


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