There is no denying it, relationships between authors and book bloggers have been strained in the last year. Now granted, there have always been the pocketful of kerfuffle stirred up by the casual bout of lunacy, [or sexual frustration, maybe jealousy] every now and again, but of late it seems the lunacy is spreading like a bad case of syphilis in a frat house.  From big name, YA authors, acting inappropriate on Twitter, to their counterpart blogs showing off their morally corrupt take on blog content. Then follow it up with Indie Authors going off the chain on book bloggers and the bloggers or just goodreads members retaliatory trolling. It’s been a veritable hair-pulling war of high school proportions in our little arena. Especially on sites like

I can’t give you details on everything and frankly I am probably only aware of half of the bull-dinky that is going on. But I can tell you, I think Indie Authors will actually be the most hurt in these drama fueled social media storms that keep on occurring.

What is my justification on this? Well, Independently published and small-press authors already have a stigma over their heads.

Book Bloggers Say No to Indie SubmissionsBook Bloggers have stereo-typically placed Indie Authors in a category of their own and that category is usually not favorable. A good portion of the book bloggers that I’ve spoken to actually view most Indie/Self-Published Authors as the lowest-on the-totem-pole in the publishing industry. They know there are “some” good self-pubs out there, but they’ve become tired of getting the backlash from the “bad” self-pubs or taking the time to accept and research a book, getting 10 pages in and it is obvious the book wasn’t even spell-checked. Even if these backlashes didn’t even occur to them directly — from the posts that are going out and the public lashings of reviewers that some indie authors have chosen to display, a good majority of book bloggers have taken to not even open the self-pub can of worms. And again slap that “No Self-Pubs” on their review policy.

Yet, the Indie Author behavior seems to keep getting worse. Some of them seem to be under the impression that they’ve already been labeled an “Author Behaving Badly” so why not just let it all hang-out. Because of this behavior, the stereotype gets more cemented and the authors that don’t want to be viewed in the write-a-bad-review-and-I’ll-get-you category are affected.

That is why, I’ve gotten together with two indie authors, and one small press author and asked them a few questions. They have responded honestly to my uncomfortable questions, because they want to speak the truth about the things that go own between authors and book bloggers. They do not want a line in the sand with authors standing on one side and book bloggers on the other. And I agree with most of what they have to say. The interviews will go up in the next few hours. So come back and support some great Authors.

Questions for my Readers:

Do you have a “don’t review self-published” policy?

Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.

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