Grimspace, Audiobook, by Ann AguirrePJV Quickie: Welcome to ‘Grimspace’ a crazy, fast-paced, science fiction ride that made me think “Why did I wait this long to read this particular series?” I’m so glad I “read” this audiobook.

Title: Grimspace
Series: Sirantha Jax #1
Author: Ann Aguirre
Type: Adult/Science Fiction
Published: March 2008 by Penguin Group/Ace
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Narrated by Suzanna Duff
5 Stars

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In ‘Grimspace’, the genius that is Ann Aguirre (Enclave), introduces us to a science fiction world in which people with a rare J-Gene are able to travel through Grimspace, the new navigators of the future. Their rare ability is sought after far and wide. Sirantha Jax is a carrier of the gene. She knows the more she jumps, the closer she is to her body wearing down and imminent death, but there is nothing like grimspace and the connection she has with her pilot while transporting her ships. But, Sirantha’s latest jump didn’t go as planned and a crash landing killed her pilot and lover and left her with no memory of what happened and in some kind of Corp reconditioning/interrogation area.

On the brink of a breakdown because of the interrogations a strange man breaks into her cell and offers her freedom. March’s breakout comes with a high price though, she must join a small outlying community and help them break-up the Corp’s monopoly on grimspace travel.

This was a very exciting book. Jax and March are great characters and their interactions are priceless. Sirantha has a witty humor, with that sharp-edged sarcasm that I really enjoy in a character. I enjoyed every minute of this book. Aguirre has become one of my favorite authors with her quirky plots and over-the-top creativity. The women definitely has an imagination and that seeped into every aspect of this audiobook / novel. The far-reaching aspects of the science fiction might be a little much for some more down-to-earth readers, but I do believe if you are a fan of the genre, or an Urban Fantasy reader, you’ll really enjoy. I also have to relate that this book is not a “tell-me” science fiction tale. Aguirre introduces you to the world in a very creative and easy to follow way, it is not page after page of technogarbage forced down your throat that can bog down a lot of science fiction novels. Aguirre just tells it like it is and you get it, you understand what is going on. This is a rare talent in an author and I believe this is why I really enjoy her books.

Adults-only read, this is a science fiction novel and fans of the genre will be elated with the space travel and broad political schemes. This is a good transition for Urban Fantasy fans also, because it is very reminiscent of that genre. Ann Aguirre fans will not be disappointed, this is one of her best series.

And now all I can focus on, is getting more of this series…

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