Hell on Wheels by Julie Ann Walker, Romantic Suspense NovelPJV Quickie: A great debut from Julie Ann Walker. ‘Hell On Wheels’ combines all my favorites, grumpy and a bit disturbed Alpha males, spunky heroines and a lot of action.

Title: Hell on Wheels
Author: Julie Ann Walker
Type: Adult/Romantic Suspense
Published: August 7, 2012 – Sourcebooks
ARC provided by Publisher. Julie Ann Walker is a client of Parajunkee Design, but this review is not sponsored.
5 Stars

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If you are looking for a very fast-paced and sexy read, ‘Hell on Wheels’ is the way to go. The book is non-stop, quick dialogue with fast transitions from event to event. The military, sepcial-op, aspect brings those alpha tendencies to a pinnacle. It was just an overall roller-coaster of a read. Top that with the anxiety between the potential couple, that sexual tension that was just brimming the whole time, the book turned into one of my favorite reads of this year. Yup, I’m getting suck into different kind of Romances!

There were some issues with the book, there was a flashback that literally stopped the pace of the book and had me scratching my head about the placement. But, since this was an ARC it could get fixed in the end. The dialogue was a bit snappish at times, which can throw people off, but I enjoyed it. Unless you’ve sat down in a room with military men and women, hearing them banter back and forth, you won’t realize that they do talk like that. My husband, the Marine thrives on one-liners and quips. I thought it was just him, until all his friends came over…

Overall, Julie Ann Walker delivered a fun and thrilling debut and I can’t wait to read more. I made an exception and picked this one up (staring at that cover did me in), I’m glad that I took the time and read this one.


Adults-only, this is a romance and not meant for younger readers. Fans of military romances, romantic suspense and contemporary Alpha romances will not be disappointed. This is a good transition from fans of Paranormal Romance, the Alphas are delectable enough to compete with their creature competitions.

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