Time Travel Romance, Passion AwakenedPJV Quickie:  Jessica Lee’s future, in ‘Passion Awakened’ involves the repression of sexuality. Citizens take drugs to moderate their urges and eradicate sexual interaction, all to cut back on crime and violence. It was probably one of the most original science fiction based erotica I’ve ever read. She literally dished out a read that that was comfortable and normal, but also turned it around and shook it up a lot. I was hooked in the first few pages.

Title: Passion Awakened
Author: Jessica Lee
Type: Adult/Romantica, Time Travel Romance, Science Fiction
Published: May 11th 2012 by Ellora’s Cave
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5 Stars
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Parajunkee After Hours Review

Shayla Murphy, in an effort to finish her novel on deadline, retreats to her family home in the country. She isn’t alone for long though, because she is brought outside to the sound of two men fighting, in which it seems one is chasing the other. The one being chased grabs her, puts a knife to her neck and quickly injures his pursuer and manages to escape. Shayla is left with a very attractive, but very odd man on her porch, that is talking about time-travel and some drug called Sustain and a refusal to call the police.

Shayla doesn’t want anything to do with the strange man on the porch, but seeing him in pain and alone, she welcomes him in her home and quickly believes his story. But, once she believes it she has to accept that the drug he has taken, is about to run out and she is going to have a sexually started man on her hands that has never experienced anything sexual in his life. Shayla isn’t exactly scared, in fact she thinks it might be really sexy….

This was a very fun book and I’m glad I had the chance to read Lee’s writing. It was original and real. Even if you aren’t a fan of more science fiction geared novels, this one is light and focuses mainly on the relationship of Shayla and Creed instead of the scifi elements. I highly recommend this book for fans of the more adult genres. The only slight drawback was the fact that there wasn’t that much of a draw-out of the “hook-up” and I like a lot of build-up in my romances. Other than that, a great read.


Recommended for fans of the romantica genre. Adults-only. You don’t have to be a fan of the science fiction genre either, this isn’t a space opera, mostly a time-travel romance.

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